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Street fashion: '80s fashion hits the runways -- but how does it take on the street?

1980s fashion trends make a comeback, '80s fashion trends During the last few months of Fall 2009 fashion shows, we got a glimpse of fashion forward as well as a bit of deja vu. Trends from the 1980s and early '90s have popped up on the runway again.

Here's a look at our fashion photos from years past and how they compare with what's in store for autumn and winter.

But the question is: How will these looks fair when they're taken to the streets? We've seen lots of leggings and long shirts over the last few years. What other fashion trends of the 1980s are showing up on the streets today? Share your photos in our Your Scene gallery. Or use the comments section to tell us which trends you hope come back and which, like, totally gag you with a spoon.

-- Whitney Friedlander


Your Scene: Street fashion

Fashion redux: The '80s are seen on the fall 2009 runway shows

1980s fashions are totally revisited at Milan Fashion Week | Photos

Erin and Lisa Aquayo at Antenna, where they shopped in 1989. Credit: Times file photo. Roberto Cavalli's Fall 2009 runway show at Milan Fashion Week. Credit: Giulio di Mauro / EPA

MFW: Roberto Cavalli spins the '80s right round, like a record

Roberto cavalli milan fashion week fall 2009 MILAN — Roberto Cavalli seemed to have '80s-era biker bars and heavy metal hair bands in mind when he designed his forgettable collection of leather leggings, zippered and studded suede miniskirts and fur-trimmed motorcycle jackets, with a few sheer gowns worn over leotards thrown in for good measure.

The collection was so thin, a few of us wondered whether all of his samples had arrived. Where were the sumptuous feathered and beaded gowns the designer is known for? Not the sign of a healthy business.

— Booth Moore


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Photo: Giulio di Mauro / EPA

Fall 2009: Roberto Cavalli's spaghetti Southwestern

Cavalli_mcff09_763 Roberto Cavalli's fall 2009 show today was the most subdued men's collection I can remember, without the usual zoo-ful of animal skins and prints. Yes, there were leathers and fur to go around and a gray suit with a snakeskin-like texture made of God only knows what. But it wasn't over the top. Nor were there the usual caliber of celebrities from past seasons. One of my ink-stained compatriots even remarked on the way out of the show: "There isn't even any Parmesan or Prosecco!" in reference to the refreshments Cavalli usually has on hand for the masses to munch on. Perhaps the restraint — fiscal and design-wise — is a result of the economic climate.

It's hard to tell if Cavalli's homage/appropriation of the Southwestern U.S. aesthetic — a wood and Navajo rug set piece with antlers over the stone fireplace that looked straight out of Tucson — will register elsewhere (a colleague with the German edition of the Financial Times remarked that it reminded him of the interior of a Swiss chalet).

But the blend of cowboy and Indian (or perhaps bovine-American vs. Native American?) motifs was unmistakable, the woven Navajo rug design

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