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Olympics 2012: Ralph Lauren reveals U.S. team opening ceremony outfits

Opening Ceremony - Lochte_Clay_Lanzone_Mitts
Athletes Heather Mitts (soccer) and Tim Morehouse (fencing) showed off the uniforms the U.S. Olympic team will wear during opening ceremonies for the London Summer Games on NBC's "Today" show on Tuesday. The uniforms, by Ralph Lauren, have been kept under wraps till now.

For women, the uniform includes a white blouse, knee-length cream skirt and fitted navy blazer featuring the official U.S. Olympic Team patch and an embroidered Big Pony logo on the chest. There's also a cotton scarf in -- ta da! -- red, white and blue stripes.

The men's uniform includes cuffed cream flat-front trousers, a club-collar cotton sport shirt with a red and navy necktie and a double-breasted blazer with peak lapels. The blazers feature the official U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Team patches, as well as the embroidered Big Pony logo at the chest. 

Topping things off for men and women is a navy beret with red and white stripes and the official U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Team patch and embroidered Big Pony logo.

The athletes will parade in the uniforms July 27. But fans can go online to purchase copies of some pieces now, along with a selection of other apparel related to the games.


Olympics 2012: Gear, garb and goods for the armchair athlete

Designers are part of the team for Summer Olympics

Ralph Lauren reveals Olympic closing ceremony uniforms

--Susan Denley

Photo: Past and present Olympic athletes model the Ralph Lauren-designed uniforms they'll wear at the opening ceremonies of the London Summer Games on July 27. From left, they are Ryan Lochte (swimming), Bryan Clay (track and field), Giuseppe Lanzone (rowing) and Heather Mitts (soccer).

Olympics 2012: Gear, garb and goods for the armchair athlete

Marley Olympics
Although those of us watching the opening ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics aren't likely to get our hands on the exact same clothes and accessories the athletes will be wearing as they parade into the stadium (some of which I've detailed in a story for Sunday's Image section), there are plenty of purchasable options for anyone angling for a style-centric buy-in to the Olympic fervor. Among them: 

A consumer version of the Puma by Cedella Marley yellow windbreaker that Jamaican athletes will wear on the medals podium at the 2012 London games is expected to hit stores (and online via Omega London 2012Monday ($70), and running shoes with a design inspired by Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt's spikes are available through Puma's own e-commerce site now.

If your tastes are more on the Marley side of the Puma/Cedella Marley partnership, you're in luck, since the eldest daughter of late reggae legend Bob Marley has recently expanded her own clothing line by adding swimwear. The High Tide collection of bikinis and monokinis (all $59.99) is available through the Marley family's Zion Rootswear site. 

Omega, the official timekeeper of the 2012 Olympics, is marking this time around -- its 25th -- with a trio of special-edition Seamaster watches. All three are described in detail on Omega's website, but our
hands-down (make that "wrists-down") favorite is the 1948 Co-Axial "London 2012," which is a redesign of the brand's first automatic Seamaster timepiece, issued in 1948 -- the same year London last hosted the Olympic games. It is a sleek, uncluttered and classy-looking timepiece, and the only overt reference RL USA Bucket Hatto the Olympics is an 18-carat yellow gold medallion fixed in the caseback that's been embossed with the London 2012 Olympic Games logo. But since it's a limited edition --only 1,948 are being produced -- keeping time in that kind of Olympic glory comes with a price tag of $6,800. (As of this writing, the Omega boutique at the Beverly Center has all three of the above watches in stock.) 

If that leaves you feeling the need to go begging  -- hat in hand -- through your office cube farm for donations to an Olympic watch fund, there's one final item to consider: the Ralph Lauren Team USA 2012 bucket hat (in navy or white, $55) from the official outfitter of the U.S. Olympic athletes.


Cedella Marley, Puma unveil Jamaican Olympic team uniforms

Ralph Lauren unveils U.S. Olympic team closing ceremony garb

The big game is in Olympic merchandising

-- Adam Tschorn

Photos: At top left, a Puma by Cedella Marley Team Jamaica podium jacket ($70, credit: Puma). At right, a bikini from the High Tide Swimwear by Cedella Marley Design (style shown is "One Love," $59.99, credit: High Tide). Center, front and back views of the limited-edition Omega Seamaster 1948 Co-Axial "London 2012," ($6,800, credit: Omega). Bottom, Ralph Lauren Team USA bucket hats ($55 each, photo courtesy of Ralph Lauren).

Ralph Lauren unveils U.S. Olympic team closing ceremony garb

Ralph Lauren USOC
Ralph Lauren, the brand that's long been an official provider of Team USA's most high-profile Olympic wear, took Wednesday's 100-day-out mark from the 2012 London Games to unveil some of what the American competitors will be wearing -- at least for the closing parade and around the Olympic Village.

The U.S. Olympic and Paralympic closing ceremony parade uniforms and village wear were unveiled in a "Today" show segment, and sketches of the outfits were made available to the media. The closing ceremony garb has a kind of yacht/tennis club vibe, white uniforms with accents in red and navy.

The women's closing ceremony uniform pairs a white button-front blouse (emblazoned with a red, white and blue Team U.S.A. logo and the label's Big Pony logo in navy) with a knee-length skirt that also buttons down the front to create a shirt dress look. The men's version pairs a similarly logofied white button-front sport shirt and white pleat-front trousers, and both outfits are accessorized with silk repp-stripe belts in red, white and navy blue pattern, that, for the women, also appears on a silk scarf that ties at the neck.

The village wear offerings include a range of more casual pieces, including mesh polos, shorts, sweatshirts, tanks and tunics, heavy on the navy blue with red accents.

The big reveal -- the U.S. Olympic Team's opening ceremony uniforms -- is set for sometime this summer in advance of the July 27 kickoff of the 2012 London Olympics.

For those who might want to get into the Olympic spirit early, the consumer version of the Ralph Lauren 2012 Team USA Olympic collection is now available online, and is expected to hit Ralph Lauren stores, Team USA shops and select department stores in May.

Let the march of the Olympic merchandise begin!


The big game is in Olympic merchandising

Apparel makers drape Americans in red, white and blue style

Loudmouth Golf to outfit U.S. Olympic men's beach volleyball team

-- Adam Tschorn

Photos: Sketches of the recently revealed Ralph Lauren looks for the 2012 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes include, from left, the men's and women's closing ceremony uniforms and men's and women's village wear. Credit: Ralph Lauren

Poll: Which living face of fashion belongs on a U.S. stamp?

Are Ralph DVF and Tom Ford Stamp Worthy
On the way into the office this morning, I heard NPR mention that the U.S. Postal Service is waiving its requirement that someone be dead for five years before appearing on its postage stamps, and is asking the public for suggestions.

My brain was in overdrive the rest of the commute. Surely there's some living, breathing person from the world of fashion and style who deserves to be so honored, right? Even if you disagree on that point, there's got to be someone who'd at least spur the sales of stamps (which, with the money problems the U.S. Postal Service is having, is more to the point.)

By the time I made it to my desk, I had the following short list:

Ralph Lauren (really, who epitomizes the American dream better?)

Marc Jacobs (once delivered late, your mail now arrives precisely on time)

Diane von Furstenberg (this stamp would be designed to wrap around the letter)

Vera Wang (probably a go-to for mailing out those wedding invitations)

Tom Ford (the stamp could have its own five-o'clock shadow)

Although I briefly considered tattoo artist/clothing line inspiration Don Ed Hardy, I left him off the list since the stamps might end up leaving a bad taste in your mouth. Who deserves your stamp of style approval? Vote on one of the five or post your own choice in the comments section.


New York Fashion Week: Marc Jacobs

New York Fashion Week: Ralph Lauren

New York Fashion Week: Diane von Furstenberg

-- Adam Tschorn

Photos: From left, American fashion designers Ralph Lauren (Credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images), Diane von Furstenberg (Credit: Karl Walter/Getty Images for DVF) and Tom Ford (Credit: Mikhail Metzel/AP Photo)

New York Fashion Week: Ralph Lauren


Ralph Lauren revisited the Gatsby era in his spring collection, which was delicate, romantic and 1920s-themed, right down to the cloche hats.

(Lauren garnered a lot of attention for supplying some of the costumes for 1974 film "The Great Gatsby," though Theoni Aldredge was the film's costume designer.)

Rl1And as a poster child for the American dream, it's understandable that Lauren would want to take us back to those halcyon days. (The irony being that for most of those who can afford Lauren's high-end runway collection, those halcyon days never left.)

Still, chiffon skirts in watercolor florals paired with pearlized pastel-colored sweaters, and crisp white pinstriped blazers and shorts are the kind of thing we've seen from Lauren a hundred times, at all different price points. Evening wear was slightly more transporting, with white, flapper-inspired beaded gowns galore, one worn with a decadent ostrich-feather-trimmed headscarf that Daisy Buchanan would have loved.

Rl2With Baz Luhrmann's remake of Gatsby, starring Leonardo di Caprio and Carey Mulligan, slated for a 2012 release, Gatsby fashion fever is only going to grow. Lauren didn't get the nod to do costumes this time around, however. That honor is going to Luhrmann's wife and collaborator, Catherine Martin.


New York Fashion Week: Rodarte

New York Fashion Week: Gap

New York Fashion Week: Proenza Schouler

-- Booth Moore 

Photos: Looks from the Ralph Lauren spring 2012 runway collection shown during New York Fashion Week. Credits: Emmanuel Dunand / AFP / Getty Images; Peter Michael Dills / Getty Images

Fashion News: Lady Gaga, Rihanna help sell Vogue

Lady Gaga in Sydney News flash: Lady Gaga and Rihanna can sell magazines. Their covers appear to be part of the reason that for the first half of this year the only major U.S. fashion magazine with increased sales compared with last year was Vogue, which saw a jump of 12.7% for an average monthly circulation of 360,400. InStyle has a larger circulation (570,000), but dropped 8% compared with last year. Other women's fashion mags experienced an average decrease of 9.2 %, except for Allure, which remained flat. [The Cut] [Fashionista]  

Hilary Duff, Jenny McCarthy, Padma Lakshmi and Christie Brinkley are featured in new advertising for Danskin that launched Wednesday with the slogan "Move for Change." Besides the usual magazine ads and such, they are featured in videos on, which will also offer monthly blogs. The four will use their own Twitter accounts to tweet about the campaign, which also involves Danskin making contributions to the celebrities' favorite charities. [WWD]

More from the weight wars: British authorities ordered the e-commerce website Zazzle to remove T-shirts for children and teens emblazoned with a controversial quote from supermodel Kate Moss: "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels." The British Advertising Standards Authority had received complaints that the slogan could encourage eating disorders. [Telegraph]

Target has reportedly decided to release all news about its Missoni line that's set to launch next month through the blog, All the Way Up Here. Which seems to have been around only since April. Which is purportedly written by a doll that loves Missoni and Target. Which seems to be a promotional ploy  by Missoni/Target. And which seems more than a bit, um, limiting. [The Cut]

Who has the right to sell red-soled shoes? A federal judge in New York denied Christian Louboutin's request that Yves Saint Laurent be barred from selling red-soled shoes from its 2011 resort collection until Louboutin's trademark-infringement case against YSL is decided. Louboutin contends, of course, that the red-soled YSLs illegally copy Louboutin's very recognizable color scheme. In denying the request for a temporary injunction, the judge indicated that it is "unlikely" that Louboutin will be able to win the case.  [Telegraph] 

This is different: Everyone reportedly wore white to the Hamptons engagement party for Lauren Bush (granddaughter of the older President Bush, niece of the other) and David Lauren, son of designer Ralph. Guests included the entire Lauren family; Paris Hilton's parents, Rick and Kathy Hilton; Lauren Bush's mother, Sharon Bush; and designers Cynthia Rowley and Douglas Hannant. [People]


"One Day's" elegant Anne Hathaway, casual Rachel Roy

Dressing Southern belles, maids for "The Help"

Is Kendall Jenner the next Kardashian clan powerhouse? 

-- Susan Denley 

Photo: Lady Gaga, shown in Sydney, Australia in July, can sell magazines, among many other talents. Credit: Dean Lewins / EPA

Frugal Fashion: 'Total Recall's' Jessica Biel at Comic-Con

JessicaEvery year at Comic-Con, the annual pop culture and comic book convention in San Diego, you can find diehard fans dressed as Wookies, Klingons, anime characters, ghostbusteres and more in futuristic capes and lots of spandex. Typical sightings also include Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Batman and fairies roaming around the grounds. But high fashion? That's definitely something new.

This year, as our Melissa Magsaysay pointed out, celebrity attendees dressed to impress, hitting some high style notes throughout the fest. Among the stylish attendees was actress Jessica Biel, promoting her new film "Total Recall,"  director Len Wiseman's remake of the 1990 cult classic which is due for release in August 2012.

Biel has come quite a long way from her days playing Mary Camden on the hit WB show "7th Heaven." The 29-year-old, who once donned spaghetti straps, flannel shirts and baggy jeans -- yes, we all went through that phase in the '90s -- is now a chic, trend-setting figure on the fashion scene.

While speaking at the "At the Drive-In" panel at Comic-Con, Biel wore a pair of high-waisted textured shorts, a midriff-bearing crop top tank and a pair of strappy high heel sandals. Crop tops are very '80s and can typically go one of two ways: exercise video queen or trendy vixen. Biel, achieving the latter look, has been wearing crop tops for years. With a toned tummy like hers who wouldn't want to show it off? And with the high-waisted shorts, shine and texture, the ensemble is definitely dressy enough for a festival appearance.

For a similar look, get a pair of high-waisted shorts with a fun pattern or texture like the Jade animal print shorts from for $70 or the scalloped hem lace short from for $78. For a more conservative design but a pop of color, get the Odelia Linen short Rugby by Ralph Lauren for $44.99 at or the pink pleat front silk shorts from for $66.



To get Biel’s cropped look,  go for a top with some shine, such as the nude embellished sleeveless lace crop top from for $70. For a simpler style with a pattern, get the Printed crop top from  for $34.50 or the conservative button-front crop top from for $58 to pair with patterned shorts. And if you're looking to make a statement with something different, snag the hot pink lace 3/4 sleeve scallop crop top from for $60.


Any pair of high heel strappy sandals or espadrilles would work with this look but here are a couple of similar styles: Bucco peep-toe platform high heel for $44.99 from Kohl', M. Melissa jeans high-heeled sandal from for $35 or the Dyle sandal from for $49.98.


Happy shopping!

Have an outfit you're dying to buy but need a frugal alternative? Email us a picture. We're up for the challenge.

-- Jenn Harris


Frugal Fashion: I don't know how Sarah Jessica Parker does it

Frugal Fashion: William and Kate go cowboy chic on their overseas tour

Frugal Fashion: Alicia Keys gets an A-plus at BET Awards

Frugal Fashion: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is sheerly beautiful

Photos, from top: Actress Jessica Biel speaks at the "At The Drive-In" panel during Comic-Con 2011 at the San Diego Convention Center. Credit: John Shearer /Getty Images.

Shorts, from left: Jade animal print shorts, credit: Scalloped hem lace short, credit: Odelia Linen short, credit: Pink pleat front shorts, credit:

Tops: Nude embellished sleeveless lace crop top, credit: Printed crop top, credit: Button-front crop top, credit: Hot pink lace 3/4 sleeve scallop crop top, credit:

Shoes: Bucco peep-toe platform high heel, credit: M. Melissa jeans high-heeled sandal, credit: Dyle sandal, credit:

Frugal Fashion: William and Kate go cowboy chic on their overseas tour

CowboykatePrince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, might have finished their overseas tour of parts of Canada and California, but we're still buzzing. We just can't get enough of the duchess and her confident, elegant style.

The newlyweds are now old pros at dressing for public appearances. While in the U.S., Catherine wore a flowy Alexander McQueen gown to the BAFTA "Brits to Watch" gala, a hand-painted silver dress by Jenny Packham to a charity polo match in Santa Barbara and a white and navy ensemble to paint with kids at an art center in L.A.'s skid row. But who knew the royal couple would look so good when they went country in jeans and cowboy hats?

These outfits came out when Kate and William made an appearance at the BMO Centre in Calgary, Canada. The look was a far cry from something the duke and duchess would wear to tea with the queen, but it's difficult to watch a lively herd of livestock in heels.

William kicked off the Calgary Stampede in a blue and green tartan plaid shirt, a pair of blue jeans and boots, while Kate wore a pair of dark denim jeans, Temperley London rodeo shirt, boots and a silver buckled-belt. The couple stayed clear of the sun in matching crisp white cowboy hats.

To get Kate's look try a white blouse with a prairie feel like the French Connection vintage grace shirt (below, left) for $39.99 at For some country ruffles try the silk georgette blouse from for $24.80.


For a rodeo, a nightclub or even a leisurely Sunday afternoon, there's no need to throw down a couple of hundred dollars for jeans. For a great pair of jeans under $100 try the Frances 18 low-rise boot cut jeans by Silver Jeans Co. for $75, Meltin Pot jeans from for $45 or the 1969 perfect boot cut jeans by Gap for $69.50.

For her accessories, Kate went the traditional western route with a bold silver-buckled belt and cowboy boots. Lasso the look with the Relic two-tone etched buckle belt from for $24 and the American Eagle Outfitters suede desert boot for $59.50.


The prince, looking more like a stylish Texas ranger in his rodeo gear, perfected the look of a modern cowboy. For a similar shirt, get the Polo Ralph Lauren slim custom-fit plaid sport shirt for $39.99 from, American Eagle Outfitters plaid button down for $39.50, Cockpit navy blue plaid shirt for $44.99 from or the eco-conscious Swell the Josh Organic flannel shirt for $39.50. from Just remember to roll up the sleeves!


Continue reading »

Oprah's fashion effect

Llq2xfnc Looking back on 25 years of the "The Oprah Winfrey Show" is like looking into a fashion time capsule. The talk show titan has worn it all -- from big hair to big shoulders to big ball gowns. She's gone with makeup and without, hidden her lumps under Spanx, and showed off her curves in skinny jeans. She is America's fashion realist.

Beyond what she's worn herself, Oprah has been influential in bringing fashion into America's living rooms, and putting it in the pantheon of pop culture. Bridging the divide between Seventh Avenue and Main Street, she's invited such designers as J. Crew's Jenna Lyons, Tory Burch, Diane von Furstenberg and Michael Kors onto her show. Extending their democratic reach may have added fuel to the phenomenon of designers launching inexpensive lines and one-time cheap chic collaborations.

Oprah treated countless members of her audience to makeovers with experts such as Bobbi Brown and Frederic Fekkai. And the styles she featured on her "Oprah's Favorite Things" holiday freebie bonanzas famously sold out within hours (including Ugg boots and cashmere cable knit Ralph Lauren sweaters). Just last week, she visited Ralph Lauren's Telluride Ranch. (Oprah introduced Lauren when he received a special award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America in 2007.)

But Oprah has also reflected the struggles most women have fitting into fashion, both literally and figuratively. We watched her weight go up and down, and sympathized when she was snubbed at the Hermes store in Paris. Her weakness for expensive Christian Louboutin shoes -- or any shoes really -- is well known, and totally relatable. She featured the French designer's shoes on the show, calling them "little pieces of sculpture" and once gifted Jessica Seinfeld 21 pairs.

She never dressed for a man, she dressed for herself. And her love of the finer things reinforced the American ideal that if you work hard enough, no matter what size you are, you too can have the best  fashion has to offer -- even if it's custom-made, which many of her designer gowns were. 

Oprah cleaned out her closets several times, selling castoffs at the Oprah store in Chicago, or on EBay, with proceeds going to charity. But throughout it all, she wasn't ashamed to display her love of clothes and style, even talking fashion with First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House. 

What's next for Oprah? Who knows, but a fashion line wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility. Something tells me it would be successful in every channel.

-- Booth Moore


A look at Oprah Winfrey's style over the years


Critic's notebook: Oprah Winfrey's final daytime finale not entirely self-promotional

Just try saying goodbye to Oprah Winfrey; she'll find you

Oprah's revolution will continue to be televised

Photo: Oprah Winfrey acknowledges fans during a star-studded double-taping of "Surprise Oprah! A Farewell Spectacular, in Chicago. Charles Rex Arbogast / Associated Press.

Your Morning Fashion and Beauty Report: Fur flies at Fendi. Oprah scores Ralph Lauren. Lily Aldridge marries in Vera Wang.

A dispute over fur may jeopardize Fendi's plans to stage a fashion show for 1,200 invited guests in Seoul, South Korea. The government, in response to concerns from civic groups, won't allow Fendi to show any garments with fur. “Fur is part of the DNA of Fendi,” says a brand spokesman. Two days of talks ended Monday without a resolution. [WWD]

Aoprah Oprah has scored the first television interview with Ralph Lauren in 20 years. It is scheduled to air Wednesday and was shot at his Telluride, Colo., ranch. [WWD]

Speaking of Oprah, her dermatologist, Dr. Harold Lancer of Beverly Hills, is expanding his skin care line to reach more customers through department store sales this summer. [Styleite]

Victoria's Secret model Lily Aldridge wore Vera Wang for her wedding to Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill late last week at the San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito, Calif. The bespoke strapless gown featured delicate Chantilly lace around the bottom of the mermaid skirt and train. The groom wore a dapper gray Gucci suit.  [Telegraph] 

It was Carolina Herrera for actress Tamera Mowry when she married Fox News Channel correspondent Adam Housley on Sunday in Napa Valley. [People]

Designer Jason Wu launches a new Twitter account Monday, under the name “MissWu_NY.” The tweeting will be done in the persona of Wu's owl logo. "Having a bird that tweets — it just seemed natural, right?” Wu said. Next up: A redesign of the Wu website.   [WWD]

-- Susan Denley

Photo: Oprah Winfrey. Credit: Evan Agostini / Getty Images for CFDA 


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