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Jeremy Scott gets digital for Longchamp


If you've been on a Southern California college campus recently, chances are you've seen a sort of accessory uniformity among the female students. Layers of chunky jewelry clank and chime in the hallways, Tory Burch flats crowd the pathways and the signature Longchamp Le Pilage handbag is a campus staple, seen plopped down on classroom desks in every color.

Taking into account its success with the college crowd, it's only fitting that the new Jeremy Scott for Longchamp Le Pilage bags feature a colored computer keyboard print. The bag design, inspired by the growing digital world, is Scott's 12th collaboration with Longchamp. The bags, which retail for $355, are slated to hit Longchamp stores by the end of this month.

Scott's keyboard design showed up in his New York Fashion Week fall 2012 presentation when a male model walked the runway in a shirt and pair of pants covered in the colored keys.


New York Fashion Week Fall 2012: Jeremy Scott logs on to the '90s

Shopping L.A.: Oliver Peoples kicks off summer music and sales events

Frugal Fashion: Gwen Stefani goes rocker glam in L.A.

-- Jenn Harris

Photo: Jeremy Scott for Longchamp colored keyboard bag. Credit: Longchamp.

Fashion News: Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton heads to Vegas

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model Kate Upton

So if you're Kate Upton promoting your Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover, where do you go after launching the magazine in New York? To a beach, maybe? Well, no, you and 17 other models featured in the issue head to the desert. Las Vegas, to be     specific. At least there are some great swimming pools there. But is this photo of her on the plane to Vegas not the cheesiest ever? [Las Vegas Sun]

The choice of Upton for the cover is stirring up more public commentary than the annual swimsuit issue has provoked in years. On the positive side: She marks a return to a more curvaceous, less stick-like model. Negative side: Couldn't SI have sprung the bucks for a bit bigger bikini, some folks are asking. Those asking are probably not SI subscribers -- more likely their wives and girlfriends. The bikini is, as I noted in a previous column, very tiny. [Washington Post] 

We all kind of know that high heels and flip flops aren't really good for us. But neither are flats (they often have too little arch support) or the toner shoes with rocker bottoms that claim to firm leg and butt muscles. Prevention Magazine took all four styles to a high-tech motion analysis laboratory and tested them on real women to see just how bad they are. Surprise! Regular sneakers do a better job than the rocker bottoms at toning leg and butt muscles. And indeed none of these styles -- even flats -- provides optimal walking comfort and all can cause physical problems. [Prevention]

Ellen Olivier over at Society News LA attended a brunch Sunday honoring Les Ballets de Monte Carlo's weekend production of Cinderella at Orange County's Segerstrom Center for the Arts, and she says the party was abuzz with talk that Prince Albert II and his bride, Princess Charlene, plan to attend this year's Academy Awards. If so, it is believed that it will be the first time a member of Monaco's royal family has attended the Oscars since Albert's mother, Grace Kelly, left Hollywood in 1956 to marry Prince Rainier. [Society News LA]

Twiggy is launching a womenswear line for British retailer Marks & Spencer. The model, one of the super "it girls" of the 1960s, has been the face of the brand since 2005. [Telegraph]

Joe Jonas got the crowd excited when he attended Jeremy Scott's presentation at New York Fashion Week. [The Cut]

You can follow Los Angeles Times Fashion Critic Booth Moore and reporter Adam Tschorn's coverage of New York Fashion Week on our All the Rage blog.  

Miu Miu has come out with the third film in its Woman's Tales series (which Moore wrote about last year) , debuting "The Woman Dress" at a party Tuesday. The plot: Three witches turn a woman into a dress. Why? Don't ask me. I don't get it. And it didn't inspire me to want to buy anything from Miu Miu, either. See what you think.



A closer look at the hair in the hunger games

Kate Upton and Mark Sanchez rumors are heating up again

New York Fashion Week: Thom Browne's Tim Burton moment    

-- Susan Denley

Photo: Kate Upton en route to Las Vegas. Credit: Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

New York Fashion Week Fall 2012: Jeremy Scott logs on to the '90s

Jeremy Scott's fall and winter 2012 runway collection was rife with pop-culture references of the 1990s
With the '80s trending on the runway, it was only a matter of time before the 1990s got the faux-stalgia treatment, and that time came Wednesday afternoon at Milk Studios when Jeremy Scott sent his fall and winter 2012 collection down the runway.

A candy-colored grab bag of emoticons, rainbow-hued computer keyboard patterns, iridescent skirts and intarsia knits depicting Bart Simpson was accompanied by a soundtrack that included video-game sound effects, Japanese-language covers of Madonna songs and the once familiar AOL "You've got mail" alert.

Other computer references -- including a see-through rain poncho with an allover print of a gloved-hand cursor and tracksuits and dresses in an allover print consisting of '90s-era Mac screenshots (some bearing the slogan "Real Life Sucks") made it seem like what Scott was really nostalgic for was the dial-up decade -- that sweet spot when technology was still a delicious new frontier and society had yet to be sucked, en masse, down the virtual rabbit hole.

Jeremy Scott's fall and winter 2012 runway collection was rife with pop-culture references of the 1990s
Of course that could be over-thinking it. No matter what Scott was trying to instant-message us, the shimmering Strawberry Shortcake doppelgangers and dudes in Bartman sweaters, iridescent oil-slick trousers and lime-green crocodile pattern hiking boots made us happy we logged on.

And that last look -- the one with the rainbow-maned prancing unicorn cutout the size of the model's torso?

A winking smiley-face emoticon -- Jeremy Scott style -- if ever there was one.


At Swatch, it's almost Jeremy Scott time -- again

New York Fashion Week Fall 2012: Thom Browne's Tim Burton moment

New York Fashion Week Fall 2011: Jeremy Scott brings the rave to the runway

-- Adam Tschorn in New York

Photos: Looks from the Jeremy Scott fall and winter 2012 runway show, which took place at Milk Studios on Wednesday during New York Fashion Week. Credit: Slaven Vlasic / Getty Images

At Swatch, it's almost Jeremy Scott time -- again

Jeremy Scott Swatch Collection 2

The second collaboration between Swiss watch maker Swatch and fashion designer Jeremy Scott is due in stores next month.

The five-piece collection of watches includes one with a transparent dial and distorted Dali-esque design ("Melted Minutes," $60 ), a silver version of the rectangular frame seen in the first collaboration ("Swatch Portrait," $70), one with a solid green dial and extra-long leopard print band designed to wrap twice around the wearer's wrist ("Swatch Punk," $60) and one with side-by-side dual dials ("Double Vision," $100) sporting a red-and-white bull's-eye design -- the perfect accessory for time-zone-hopping party people.

Also sporting a red-and-white watch face -- but one with a swirling effect -- is a limited-edition heart-shaped number that looks like it could have sprung from Tim Burton's accessories drawer. "Hypnotic Heart" is nearly 5 inches wide and is designed to hang around the neck on a black silk necklace. Only 777 pieces will be sold -- at an as-yet-unannounced price. 

The collection hits retail Oct. 1. 


Rankin, Swatch collaboration: The eyes have it

At Swatch, it's Jeremy Scott time

New York Fashion Week: Jeremy Scott brings the rave to the runway

-- Adam Tschorn

Photos: At left, fashion designer Jeremy Scott models four of the watches from his second collaboration with Swatch, which hits stores Oct. 1. At right, one of the limited-edition "Hypnotic Heart" timepieces designed to be worn on a necklace. Credit: Swatch 

The Coachella crowd makes fashion a forethought -- and gets an A for effort

JS Party1

These days it's rare to find an event whose attendees actually put forethought and effort into their wardrobe choices. Even weddings seem to have adopted an unspoken Friday casual dress code.

Which is what made the Coachella weekend so inspiring. Whether fringed, feathered (there must not be a feather left to pluck in the Southland), or just freakish, purposeful, put-together individual style statements were being made as loudly and forcefully as the music booming across the Coachella Valley from the gargantuan sound system.

Limhutchcraft The daylight hours of the three-day festival were awash with neon angel wings, Arctic-worthy Earth  boots, brightly colored Prada stoles and enough hiked-up tube socks to fill a year's worth of American Apparel ads.
But some of the best specimens could be found after sunset -- long after sunset in the case of LA designer Jeremy Scott's party with Adidas which stretched into the wee hours of Sunday morning at Elvis' Honeymoon Hideaway in Palm Springs. The only casually dressed attendees to be seen were the Teddy Bears in Adidas T-shirts that served as backdrop to the photographer's step-and-repeat line.

As Scott's pal Robyn DJ'd in the same living room where Elvis once sat in as a newly married man (a black-and-white photo hangs as evidence), a Johnny Depp-as-Jack Sparrow clone swashbuckled up the stairs while partygoers sporting Kid 'n Play flat-top haircuts, matador outfits, Flintstones-style bone-in shoes and Pan Am shoulder bags milled around the pool, nibbling on peanut butter and banana sandwiches (Elvis' favorite) and sipping Kanon organic vodka cocktails. 

Vonteese Scott was just one of several fashion designers we crossed paths with at the festival -- we spotted J. Lindeberg and William Rast's Johann Lindeberg from afar, and found Phillip  Lim and Trina Turk soaking up the style. (And only Dita Von Teese would show up in a Dior tropical print sarong dress and white sailor's gob hat.)

Speaking of hats, Turk mused, "The new hat is the floppy hat, the Panama hat is definitely out. And I'm amazed at the lengths people go to."

To prove her point, Turk described an eye-catching outfit she'd seen earlier in the day -- a reveler garbed in a maroon velvet cape and matching thong, whom she dubbed "porno Renaissance man."

Fodder for the next Mr. Turk collection, perhaps?


Jeremy Scott Coachella party

-- Booth Moore and Adam Tschorn

Photos, from top: Dork Dozier (in bowtie) and other members of the Think A Bit Bigger fashion and music collective strike a pose at Jeremy Scott's party at Elvis' Honeymoon Hideaway house in Palm Springs; fashion designer Phillip Lim, left, and Theo Hutchcraft of the British synthpop duo Hurts soak up the style at Coachella; Dita Von Teese. Credits: Adam Tschorn; Christopher Polk / Getty Images

At Swatch, it's Jeremy Scott time

Jeremy I had a great catch-up with Jeremy Scott the other day during a photo shoot for his Adidas Originals fall look book at Milk Studios in Hollywood. Things seem to be going gangbusters for the Los Angeles designer forever inspired by the street, who has mastered the art of the visual pun like no other. 

In addition to his own namesake runway label, his Adidas Originals collection and a collaboration with French accessories brand Longchamp, he's now designing Swatch watches.

The three original styles ($70 each) in Swatch stores now, include a winged watch that is a play on the phrase "time flies," and a watch with a gilded frame around the face that hints at how Swatches have become collectors' items, particularly the ones that were artist-designed.Swatch

Meanwhile, Scott's Adidas Originals fall collection includes a follow-up to his popular high-top sneakers kitted out with plush Teddy Bear heads, only this time they're Panda heads. A beaded red velour tracksuit is inspired by a matador's outfit, and a pair of jeans has wings protruding from the hips. 

He shot the look book with one of his current muses, the up-and-coming L.A. model with pink hair, Charlotte Free.

"I love that she's done her own hair," Scott says. "It's kind of a ... you to the industry, because you're not supposed to have that hair as a model."

Scott and Free sound like the perfect pair.

-- Booth Moore

Photos from Swatch.

Your morning fashion and beauty report: Landon Donovan to front for Seiko, Lady Gaga reveals beauty secrets

Alandon News in my in basket this morning: Watchmaker Seiko announces that the Galaxy's Landon Donovan (who is also the all-time leading scorer on the U.S. national soccer team) has been named brand ambassador for its new Sportura Collection, which will be unveiled this week at Baselworld 2011.  

The Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire 100 years ago led to labor reforms in the U.S., as we recalled Sunday, but it wasn't the end of sweatshops that produce goods for American consumers. They've moved overseas. [WWD] (Subscription required)

Jeremy Scott has designed some fun watches for Swatch -- for instance, there's one with a lightning bold wristband, and another with wings (because time does fly). [Telegraph]

Lady Gaga reveals her (surprisingly normal) beauty secrets, which include using sunblock, washing her face with Ivory soap and brushing her teeth before bed. Her beauty icons? Her mother and Princess Diana. [People]

Reese Witherspoon will be on the May cover of Vogue. [Fashionista]

Marimekko,the Finnish designer house, plans to expand in the U.S. with a new flagship in New York and an e-commerce site. [WWD]

-- Susan Denley

Photo: The Galaxy's Landon Donovan, left, duels with Seattle's Osvaldo Alonso in the season opener last week. Credit: Otto Greule Jr. / Getty Images 


New York Fashion Week: Jeremy Scott brings the rave to the runway

Jeremy Scott AW11
Jeremy Scott called his fall-winter wares the Candyflip collection, and while there was certainly enough cotton-candy pink and Starburst fruit hues to cause a cavity, the all-over photo print of prescription pills made it clear it had nothing to do with getting a sugar high.

According to the online Urban Dictionary, the term candyflip refers to the practice of ingesting the drugs LSD and ecstasy at the same time, which made it a wholly appropriate reference for Scott's romp of a rave on the runway.

In addition to the aforementioned dye sublimation print of assorted pharmaceuticals that appeared on dresses, leggings -- and the seasonal Longchamp bag Scott traditionally places in the seat of each front 
row guest -- the collection included garments made of a fine metal mesh printed with superhero iconography -- the Batman logo, a Captain Marvel lightning bolt and even a floor-length blue Superman dress with a flowing red cape and the familiar red-and-yellow Superman insignia (but with stylized question mark substituted for the capital "S").

There were riffs on another pop culture touchstone too -- a women's dress and a men's shirt bore a version of the famous red-and-white Coca Cola swirl logo, with the word "God" in place of the soft-drink's name.

The parade of trippy togs seemed to have a little bit of everything: silver metallic jackets; trousers and dresses; fuzzy footwear in neon pinks and blaze oranges; chunky knit sweaters with intarsia skeleton Rage_js_closeup
designs that traced the bones of the upper body; furry pink bikinis; transparent raincoats (clear and purple versions); cartoon-colored faux-fur stoles with stuffed animal heads; and shiny, bubblegum-colored boots.

It was an unabashedly fun collection to watch come down the catwalk, and it promises to be just as much fun when Scott's latest confections are spotted "out in the wild" once they hit retail. 


Jeremy Scott fall-winter 2011 runway collection photo gallery

-- Adam Tschorn in New York

Photos: Looks from the Jeremy Scott fall-winter 2011 Candyflip collection shown on Wednesday during New York Fashion Week. Credit: Jonas Gustavsson and Peter Stigter / For The Times

New York Fashion Week: Jeremy Scott offers hanger appeal -- literally

If you talk to the retail buyers who attend the runway shows, they'll tell you that one thing they're looking for is "hanger appeal." That's a shorthand way of saying they're looking for pieces that don't just look good in advertising campaigns or on the catwalk, but that manage to scream "pick me!" while they're hanging on a clothes hanger or sitting folded on a shelf in a store.

Jeremy Scott, the reigning clown prince of fashion week, used that phrase as the theme of his fall/winter 2010 runway collection, a wry commentary on all the things that influence our decision to take a piece of clothing from rack to register.

Continue reading »

Sale Rack: Deals at Opening Ceremony, Decadestwo

Opening CeremonyOngoing: Trend-setting boutique is having a summer storewide and online sale, 30% to 70% off retail. Labels on offer, for men and women, include Alexander Wang, Acne, Band of Outsiders, Rodarte, Nom de Guerre, Patrick Ervell, Vena Cava, Jeremy Scott, United Bamboo and Rachey Comey.

451 N. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles. (310) 652-1120. 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Saturday. Noon to 7 p.m. Sunday.

Decadestwo Shoe Sale Saturday: If you still clamor for the "it" shoe, you're in luck with this designer label extravaganza (the last was in January). "It" shoe deals include $125 Pierre Hardy shoes (retail price $937), $125 Lanvin ballet flats ($978) plus brand-new Louboutins and Manolo Blahniks for $95. All other labels will be 50% off. Limit two pairs of shoes per purchase to spread the savings around.

8214 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles. (323) 655-1960. 9 a.m. to 6

-- Max Padilla

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