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Through cold, heat and Santa Ana winds, we have dry skin solutions

November 12, 2011 |  8:08 am


The weather in Southern California has been tempestuous -- by SoCal standards, that is.

In the space of two weeks, we've had heat, cold, rain, dry Santa Ana winds and more heat, cold, rain.

Granted, none of this is as tough to cope with as the blizzards in some other parts of the country -- think of the October surprise in the Northeast. But whether you're living in blizzard country, a southwestern desert microclimate or Los Angeles, your skin is likely to be unhappy with fall and winter conditions that can bring on dryness.

Don't want your skin to look like the fella above? Writer Alene Dawson talked to some experts about things you can do to soothe or prevent that flaky, tight, dry feeling. They offered plenty of tips.

But note: Staying indoors isn't the answer. If it's cold out you'll probably have the heat on, which does it's own number on the skin.

-- Susan Denley


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