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Sofia Vergara's new clothing line debuts at Kmart

September 20, 2011 | 12:49 pm

Sofia Vergara for Kmart

It was probably in no way a coincidence that the Sofia by Sofia Vergara line of women's sportswear, dresses, jackets, footwear and accessories debuted exclusively at Kmart stores and on its websiteSofia Vergara at the 63rd Annual Emmy Awards on Monday, the morning after Vergara's sitcom notched four Emmy Awards, including a second consecutive win for best comedy series.

One of our compatriots in the Calendar section reported that Sofia Vergara's animal-print undergarments had become the topic of conversation backstage at the 2011 Emmy Awards on Sunday. The "Modern Family" actress was asked what she was wearing under her form-fitting gown, and the answer was tiger-print undergarments -- specifically ones from her new Kmart clothing line.

If you're on the fashion beat, this is hardly a strange or funny question -- how stars are sucked, cinched, strapped and wrapped into their award-show finery is a subject of endless fascination. (At one point in the evening host Jane Lynch volunteered that she had achieved her own look thanks to "triple Spanx.") But what was funny was the follow-up quip by Vergara's costar and on-screen husband Ed O'Neill that he too was wearing his Kmart underwear.

The anecdote made us realize (as soon as we could get the image of Ed O'Neill in animal-print underwear out of our mind) that we hadn't yet had a chance to check out the actress' clothing line, which had been announced  in January and scheduled to launch in the fall.

The inaugural collection -- think sassy sexpot on a budget -- includes things like sequined animal-print T-shirts ($16.99), ruched, sweater-knit miniskirts ($24.99), lace-sleeved knit dresses ($36.99) and double-zip faux leather jackets ($59.99). The closest thing we could find to the aforementioned "tiger-print undies" was a leopard-print bustier dress with corset detailing (pictured on Vergara in the above photo, $44.99).

While we weren't there when she got dressed, we're pretty confident that Vergara was not wearing a whole second dress beneath that eye-catching, form-fitting coral-colored Vera Wang gown -- no matter how much publicity it might have generated. 

We were a little perplexed until a representative for the line cleared up the mystery: Although undergarments are not part of the current collection, plans are to launch lingerie in the spring -- a collection that will include some leopard-print pieces.

And yes, we realize that a leopard has spots and a tiger has stripes. But as far as we're concerned, that's just splitting (animal) hairs.

Either way, we imagine Ed O'Neill would wear them with aplomb. 


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 -- Adam Tschorn

Photo, top: "Modern Family" actress Sofia Vergara wears a leopard-print bustier dress from her women's apparel collection that launched exclusively at Kmart on September 19, 2011. Credit: Norman Jean Roy

Photo, bottom: Sofia Vergara in a coral-colored Vera Wang gown arrives at the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards on September 18. Credit: Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times