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Dopp Kit: Celeb stylist George Kotsiopoulos' grooming go-tos

September 15, 2011 | 10:00 am

GKHeadshotbyMikeRosenthalGeorge Kotsiopoulos is a celebrity stylist and fashion informed member of  E! Channel’s Fashion Police. Alongside Joan Rivers and Kelly Osbourne, the group doles out funny, honest and sometimes scathing remarks aimed at Hollywood’s best and more often worst dressed.  But the veteran stylist always manages to bring the conversation back from biting to constructive, giving people his expert advice and reasons why a look did or didn’t work.

When he’s not taping a TV show or pulling clothes for clients, Kotsiopoulos can often be found hosting a charity event or attending one of the various fashion-related functions around town. From sitting in front of the camera to schlepping garment bags to a photography studio, the stylist shares his most coveted skin and hair care products and the reasons they are his go-to items, night or day.

Bb. Texture hair (un)dressing crème, $26 at Sephora -- “I have been waiting for this product my entire life.  It's matte, it's not stinky, it's a little Bumblebumbleundressingcremedirty, it keeps me under control and it doesn't sting my eyes when I sweat at the gym," says Kotsiopoulos, adding that men shouldn't look as if they use hair product unless they’re doing an intentional "Cary Grant" thing.

La Mer lip balm, $45 at Nordstrom -- “Not only is it incredibly self-indulgent and decadent,” he says, “but it tastes good too!”

DenTek Easy Angle Floss Picks, $2.79 at -– “This is the first in my three-part 'drooming' regimen [grooming while driving],” says the stylist, and uh, daring driver. “Flossing while behind the wheel is much safer and more hygienic than texting.  The angled ones are way better than those useless flat ones.”

Rohto Redness Relief Lubricant Eye DropsROHTO Cool redness reliever, lubricant eye drops, $6.99 at Walgreens –- Kotsiopoulos says that clear white eyes make you look alert and advises that these drops are best applied right before a meeting, date or anytime you want that fresh feeling. “Even the packaging is clear!" he says. "Very chic.”

Boscia green tea blotting linens, $10 at– “Because nothing says 'take my picture' like an oil slick on your forehead,” jokes Kotsiopoulos. Neutrogena - Oil-Free Moisture SPF 15   “These are great in the car, but when all else fails use the center of a toilet seat cover, which does the job in one fell swoop.” 

Boscia - preservative-free skincareNeutrogena Oil Free Moisture SPF 15, $9.99 at– “I've tried all the expensive facial moisturizers and thought you had to pay more for better products until Oprah told me I was paying too much for grooming products.  OK, fine, I saw it on Oprah.... I headed over to Rite-Aid and now not only do I get the occasional pimple even less occasionally but I'm richer so I can afford that delicious La Mer lip balm,” he says.

Stila sun gel bronzant, $4.99 at –- “Contrary to popular belief, my Greek skin gets very sallow without any sun,” says Kotsiopoulos, “so I mix a littleBath and Shower Liquid Body Cleanser - Kiehl's Since 1851 with my facial moisturizer to get a kiss of sun during those dreary winter months. It doesn't rub off on clothing or make me look like that other George. That's George Hamilton for those of you under the age of 30.”

Kiehl's bath and shower liquid body cleanser (either coriander or cucumber, but what I really want is eucalyptus), $16 at Kiehl' –-  Kotsiopoulos finds that bar soap often leaves a filmy feeling on the skin and inexpensive drugstore body washes are too thick.  So, the subtle fragrance and thin consistency of Kiehl’s body washes are his go-to. However, he can’t seem to find a replacement for his favorite discontinued scent. “Kiehl's, why you gotta mess with me and discontinue eucalyptus?” he says. “What's left for a dude?  Lavender and gardenia?  I don't think so.”


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Top photo: George Kotsiopoulos/Mike Rosenthal

Bottom photos: Bumble and Bumble Texture hair (un)dressing creme (Bumble and Bumble); Rohto Cool redness reliever, lubricant eye drops (Walgreens); Boscia green tea blotting linens (Boscia); Neutrogena oil free moisturizer with SPF 15 (Neutrogena); Kiehl's bath and shower liquid body cleanser in coriander (Kiehl's)