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Want to look younger? Yes, you can gain with little or no pain

July 25, 2011 |  7:15 am

Imagine having the fountain of youth in your bathroom. We're not quite there yet, writer Alene Dawson says in a story elsewhere in the Image section. But she reports that we're getting closer every day with a burgeoning number of high-tech, do-it-yourself devices that claim they can help reverse the signs of aging without pricey trips to spas or dermatologists' offices.

Meanwhile, more and more people are opting for nonsurgical procedures instead of traditional facelifts, as Susan Carpenter reported Sunday.

I'm intrigued by both stories. Shaving off a few years without having to use a sharp object to do it removes cosmetic procedures from what I've always regarded as unnecessary pain and suffering when there is enough of the necessary kind for my taste, thank you very much.

But if looking younger is as simple as aiming a device that looks like a hair dryer at my face for a few seconds or sitting in a doctor's office hooked to a vacuum machine for 30 minutes, then count me in! 


--Susan Denley


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Photo: Palovia Skin Renewing Laser is used to pulse laser light into skin around the eyes to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Credit: