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Trying to separate the trends from the cliches

June 25, 2011 |  6:00 am

Ever wonder why a certain look becomes an era-defining staple while others quickly end up on the thrift-store racks?

Consider the case of Uggs, the sheepskin boots that became must-haves in the aughts and remain with us, even to this day.

It's been several years since they came on the scene, but on any given day, you can spot dozens of young women at malls and college campuses in short skirts, tank tops... and Uggs.

Or consider the safari jacket or the porkpie hat or the trench coat. Think about the velour tracksuit (OK, perhaps you'd rather skip that thought). But you get the picture--truly classic looks just don't fade away quickly.

Why do some looks become the uniforms of a generation and others fade into fads?

Valli Herman has some of the answers.


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-- Alice Short

Photo credit: Ugg