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Meet Hoyle Jackson, a fresh new face on the blue jean scene

June 6, 2011 |  3:42 pm

Hoyle_Jackson_logo For the June 5 issue of Los Angeles Times Magazine, I penned a piece about a particularly stealth, and relatively new, denim brand called Hoyle Jackson, the creation of sisters Nina and Clare Hallworth and close friend and business partner Geoffrey Roiz, all bearing a long track record as celebrity stylists.

It's worth checking out (both the story and the line) if you're looking for a denim brand that doesn't currently suffer from Kardashian-level over-exposure -- or if you're convinced there isn't a celebrity stylist left on earth who won't shill or spill on their celebrity clientele to boost their own bottom line.

As stylists, the goal of the trio behind Hoyle Jackson is, as Clare Hallworth put it: "That when we collaborate with someone, it looks like we don't even exist."

Which means that of all the things going into the line, ego isn't one of them.

Which is a refreshing change of pace, indeed.


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-- Adam Tschorn

Photo: The sunburst and moon logo for the new Hoyle Jackson denim brand was created by graphic artist John Van Hamersveld. Credit: Hoyle Jackson