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Father's Day Gifts: Outdoor fun

Father's Day is coming up Sunday, so each day this week we're offering some gift ideas that might inspire you when you're looking for something to please the No. 1 man in your life. Today:

If Dad’s a splashy, sun-and-fun kind of guy, we suggest these fun swim trunks and flip-flops -- loaded with Martha’s Vineyard-style charm. (Junior is sure to follow in his footsteps, decked out in a matching mini ensemble.) Vineyard Vines men’s and boys floral shell chappy trunks, $79.50 and $55; men’s and boys grosgrain flip-flops, $45 and $30. All at

G-Form-iPadCase-1 (Medium) 
For the plugged-in outdoorsman, here’s the laptop or iPad/iPad2 case of his dreams. G-Form’s Extreme Sleeve is lightweight and flexible, yet waterproof, abrasion-resistant and beyond durable. Specially designed to withstand maximum impact, it absorbs more than 90% of energy upon high-speed collision. The company demos it surviving being hit by a bowling ball and tossed off a 20-foot balcony. (We’re confident that it can bungee jump and cliff-hang, too, but gotta be clear that this gift is no license for extreme antics.) An  11-inch laptop or iPad cover costs $69.95;  it's $79.95 for a 13-inch or 15-inch laptop cover, at 

--Ingrid Schmidt 

Photos: From top, swim trunks and flipflops from Vineyard Vines (credit: Vineyard Vines); G-Form Extreme Sleeve (credit: G-Form).


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I also personally like the iLoc iPad and Kindle case. It's a perfect accessory for the iPad or Kindle. Mainly used poolside to protect from water and at the beach to keep out sand and prevent sand scratches. Both are under a few bucks and can be found at

I don't know about men and flip flops. Maybe I am being sexist, but I think men should not show their toes. Only if they are getting a pedicure!


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