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What to wear for the end of the world

May 20, 2011 |  1:43 pm

One of the funnier press releases I've received recently was in Friday's email.

"With the end of the world taking place tomorrow, May 21, several pressing questions come to mind: Where will I be? Will I be alone? What’s my last meal?

But the most important question of all: What will I be wearing?

The answer: PajamaJeans ("

Onesie The release goes on to point out that some fashion experts have already said the knit pants "represent the end of the world. So why not heed their advice and wear them at the end of the world. Comfort and style are important whether you’re running 40 errands in four minutes or waiting for the rapture."

That cracked me up. And honestly, I really could see myself wearing pajama jeans when I want to be comfy. That's a tough admission.... But I think I need to be honest if the end is coming.

What I really, really can't see myself doing is wearing another end-of-the-fashion-world style, the OnePiece -- which is an adult onesie made by a Norweigian firm that just opened its first U.S. store on Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles, after originally setting up temporary shop at Kitson for a couple of months. The snuggly garment is  kind of a hooded sweatshirt sewn to sweatpants, that comes in bright colors and retails for $200. 

That's our Melissa Magsaysay trying one on for size at left. But even though she looks cute, I have trouble imagining this catching on in L.A., where the weather is warm and people tend to like to show off their bodies.

But then again, anything could happen. This is the end of the world, after all.

-- Susan Denley

Photo: Melissa Magsaysay wearing a OnePiece. Credit: Adam Tschorn/ Los Angeles Times