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Jane Pratt launches the saucy

May 17, 2011 |  2:11 pm


Jane Pratt is back. And she's more irreverent than ever.

The former Jane and Sassy magazine editor-in-chief — who shot to fame by pushing the envelope on teen sex and body issues at Sassy — launched this week, a website "where women go when they are being selfish, and where their selfishness is applauded," reads the project's tag line.

The site — which Pratt called the “anti-iVillage” in last Friday's AdWeek — launched with an ironically named "Fancy Fashion Story" featuring interesting (as opposed to project-pushing) celebs including Estelle, Helena Christiansen, Marilyn Minter, Pratt's best friend, Michael Stipe, and David Arquette, who, when asked about Pratt, said, "You know, I like people that are cool that donʼt cross into 'Iʼm a hipster, Iʼm too cool.' And thatʼs what Jane is to me."

The departments, which span fashion, relationships, tech and lifestyle categories (as they did in Jane and Sassy) are all under the gentle heading "May We Suggest," and feature hilarious, borderline Onion-esque headlines such as "I hate Radiohead," I Can't Date You Unless You Have A Smartphone and "Does Anyone Else Gag Down Water?"

There's also plenty of straight-talk from Jane, including a personal essay/blog titled, "Yes, I'm Exactly Twice As Old As When I Started Sassy — Want To Make Something Of It?" and self-deprecating blogs that will surely snatch the hearts of her thirtysomething fan base, such as "Jane Pratt, Worst Mom in the World: Sext Edition." (Sample snippet: "We had a good talk last night before bed about how you get a guy/girl to go out with you. She's 8.").

So far, we're loving the site's unapologetic tone, funny-ironic blogs and mix of high and low photography. It's also just nice to have Pratt back in the conversation.

-- Emili Vesilind

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