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Your morning fashion and beauty report: Pundits wonder if Kate Middleton will wear a tiara on her wedding day.

April 25, 2011 |  8:37 am

Adiana This is the week of the much-anticipated royal wedding in Britain, and the drumbeat of speculation has reached a fever pitch. Besides all the rumors over the identify of the designer of the bridal gown, now there's talk of tiaras: Will Kate Middleton wear one or not? Will it be the Russian Fringe, the diamond tiara worn by the queen, the queen mother, Queen Mary and the Princess Royal? Will it be the Spencer family tiara worn by Princess Diana (above)? Or will the queen give Kate a tiara as a wedding gift, as she did her other daughters-in-law? I guess we'll just have to wait till the big day Friday to find out. [Telegraph]

No one knows yet who designed Kate's dress, but Isaac Mizrahi has advice for whomever it is. Having designed "millions of wedding dresses," he says he can empathize. "It's so stressful, because you always think something's going to fall off right in the middle of the most important day of [the bride's] life," he says. The solution? Tranquilizers. [Cut] 

Speaking of weddings, no one knows how to dress a bride like Vera Wang, so when she gives her 10 top tips for getting through the big day beautifully, I pay attention. Among them, always step into your gown. Do not -- repeat do not -- pull it on over your head. Why? By the time you are putting on the gown, your makeup has been done and you really can't risk a lipstick smear on your dress. [WWD]

For a wedding closer to home, "Grey's Anatomy" is planning one, to air May 5. Followers of the crew at Seattle Grace know that weddings on the show can be fraught with angst -- remember Burke leaving Cristina at the altar? Meredith and Derek's postponements? Izzie flatlining after marrying Karev?  This time, no matter how it turns out, we will at least get to see two wedding gowns, because the couple in question are Callie and Arizona. [BuzzSugar]   

The trend of lingerie this fall? Sweet, girly ruffles are back. [WWD]

Interior design firm Tony Duquette Inc. is suing J. Crew over the use of a leopard print. [WWD] (Subscription required)

Macy's is taking several steps toward being more eco-conscious this year, including rolling out hangers made of recycled material. [WWD] (Subscription required)

-- Susan Denley

Photo: Prince Charles and Princess Diana, wearing her tiara, on their wedding day in 1981. Credit: Associated Press