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Royal Wedding: Samantha Cameron's body-con look

Samantha Cameron, wife of Prime Minister David Cameron, has long been a champion of British fashion. Previously the creative director of leather goods and stationary purveyor Smythson, she has used her current role as political spouse to fly the flag for the fashion industry by attending runway shows wearing an array of British designer duds, and hosting a reception for designers at 10 Downing Street during London Fashion Week.

So it's no surprise that her royal wedding ensemble is anything but traditional. The body-hugging, shibori-dyed, emerald green Burberry shift certainly sets her apart from the crowd. And she skipped the hat altogether in favor of chic-looking hair clips. Whether or not it's appropriate for the occasion, well, I'm sure there will be a lot to say about that. But it does prove that Mrs. O isn't the only first lady who can play the fashion game.

-- Booth Moore

Photo: British Prime Minister David Cameron and wife Samantha Cameron arrive in Westminster Abbey.  Credit: Anthony Devlin / Getty Images

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I can't say I'm fond of her dress, it really accents her very boyish figure. The lack of a hat is also problematic... it comes off as rather disrespectful

oh please

I'm curious about British hats ... many of them awe inspiring, like that horrible accident that you can't look away from. And NASA could learn a thing or two from British milliners (who apparently watch a lot of Jetsons reruns) about defying gravity.

Mrs. Cameron had the right idea ... you may not like her dress, but you can't say she looked ridiculous.

It's a beautiful dress, love the material, and the shoes are very nice. A small close fitting hat would have been nice. I'm used to wearing a hat in church, but that has more to do with my age. Good choice.

She looks so nontraditional, yet appropriately well fashioned! Her husband could use a tie of emerald green, or orange (like her shawl?)

I think Mrs. O dress is very unbecomming, and I think she could have done better, I also think she should have worn a hat. Seems disrepectfuly to the wedding couple and the queen., since everyone else is wearing a hat. I think she was trying to make a personel statement or trying to be different.

I'm mostly with MissM; would just like to add that the dress is a tad plain, the necklace is fantastic and it was nice to see someone give a nod to current fashion (with the orange-and green combo).

I'm thinking of the total picture here...wife is dressed in "smart casual" attire for the first royal wedding in decades, while hubby is in "formal" attire. If she was alone or hanging with a girl friend, it would have gone over better.


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