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Jane Fonda on her life, career and '33 Variations'

March 2, 2011 |  3:17 pm

Jane Fonda and the Sterns

As the star of “33 Variations” at the Ahmanson Theatre, Jane Fonda has been performing six days a week, twice a day on weekends. Instead of relaxing on her day off, she spent Monday discussing her life, career and current play with Michael Ritchie, artistic director of the Center Theatre Group, at a gathering of CTG’s Artistic Director's Circle.

"Jane woke up this morning with laryngitis," said Ritchie. "She could have easily bailed on the entire evening and all of us would have understood. In fact, she should have bailed, but she didn't -- and it shows the tenor of who the woman is."

Ritchie called the affair "a peek behind the scenes," a perk for upper level donors, hosted by Eva and Marc Stern at their home in Malibu. Following cocktails and a buffet, guests gathered to hear of Fonda's theatrical experiences, which began, she said, with the play, "There was a Little Girl," in which the leading man got fired, an actor dropped dead onstage and the director had a nervous breakdown and disappeared.    

 "I'm grateful to all of you for making possible great theater in Los Angeles," Fonda said, "and I wanted to pay homage to you by showing up."

Among others on scene were Brindell Gottlieb, Martin Massman, Vicki King, Tim Regler, Leigh Crawford with Aza Jezyk, Judy and Tom Beckman, Debi and Norris Bishton, Louise Taper and Doug Walker, Joyce and Mal Fienberg, Kiki and David Gindler, Linda and David Shaheen, Louise and Brad Edgerton, Ava and Chuck Fries, and Christine and Kevin Crombie. The show closes  Sunday.

-- Ellen Olivier

Photo of Jane Fonda with Marc and Eva Stern: Ryan Miller/Capture Imaging