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Gifts inspired by Lent (or Mardi Gras): Greed

March 5, 2011 |  8:29 am

Through Mardi Gras on March 8, we're giving you gift ideas inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins. You'll be regretting  the sins, but not the gifts, come Lent.

It's tempting to live high on the hog. But too much of a good thing will have you counting every penny. Whether young or young-at-heart, we could all profit from a piggy bank that inspires us to collect our change.

Enter designer Harry Allen’s crystal piggy bank for Steuben ($1,900 at Sitting back on its haunches, this slick pig is begging us to save. The snout cleverly doubles as a coin slot. “It’s just hungry for your money,” says the designer. Plus, thanks to the sheer material, one can see all those Starbucks sacrifices slowly piling up.

Saving is one habit best learned young, so why not give this to the have-it-all child in your life?  Going forward, you’re practically guaranteed to be considered worth your weight in gold.

-- Ingrid Schmidt

Photo: Harry Allen's crystal Steuben piggy bank. Credit: Steuben.

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