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New Carl's Jr. ads put Miss Turkey in a burger-print bikini

If, according to the old adage, you should fight fire with fire, doesn't it make sense to pitch turkey with Turkey?

The folks at Carl's Jr. must have been thinking along those lines, based on the recent TV commercial that has the reigning Miss Turkey 2010 Gizem Memiç shilling for its new line of turkey burgers by taking a poolside stroll -- during which she doffs her dress to reveal a bikini festooned with an all-over print of tiny turkey burgers.

Never mind that it was indeed a scantily clad honest-to-goodness tiara-and-sash-wearing Miss Turkey (who has held the title since Apri1 1, 2010) nibbling on a burger, what intrigued us was where they managed to score the extremely specific turkey-burger-print bikini -- which we couldn't help but notice since it gets an extreme close-up in the commercial (embedded below).

"We had fabric custom-printed with the image of our new Charbroiled Turkey Burger," explained Beth Mansfield, public relations director for Carl's Jr. parent company CKE Restaurants Inc. "And then had it made into a bikini."

According to Mansfield, the company is actually looking into the idea of making a limited run of the self-same bikini to sell online.

"The fashion runways might not be filled with turkey burger bikinis yet, but since Carl’s Jr. is already known as a trend-setter in fast food, we figured we could do the same with resort wear," Mansfield added, tongue firmly in burger-chewing cheek.

"High-fashion bikinis emblazoned with charbroiled turkey burgers are just the start. Next up could be Kim Kardashian’s peignoir, Padma Lakshmi’s hot summer dress, or Audrina Patridge’s gold lamé bikini," she said, referring to the wardrobe pieces -- and personalities -- that have appeared in past Carl's Jr. ad campaigns. "You just never know."

One thing we do know? That with a trio of turkey burgers kicking in at under 500 calories each, it's  going to be a heck of a lot easier for a guy to get his girlfriend into a Carl's Jr. than it will be to get her into one of those turkey-burger-print bikinis.

We're just talking turkey here.

-- Adam Tschorn

Photo: Carl's Jr. tapped the reigning Miss Turkey, Gizem Memiç, to promote its new trio of under-500-calorie turkey burgers. Credit: CKE Restaurants Inc. Video: CKE Restaurants Inc.

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this is a real women! nothing like we have to look at on those silicone reality shows.

why doesn,t the LA times say your comment is denied rather than saying it is being considered for review! wonder why new papers are outdated.

what's with that pix? can u say photoshop?

Now I understand why Turks men spend all their money on Ukrainian girls.


Let all you jealous Fatties complain, this is what a REAL woman should look like !!!!

Once again I am so glad I no longer patronize Carl Jr's. They can't seem to understand how to respect women.

I'm not eating at Carl's Jr. yet?!

what is the chance of that being shown in turkey?

i had the sense that this kind of commercialization was off-limits except as an off color comedy routine. ha ha

I want turkey!

What are you kidding, she is gorgeous to the extreme. You guys should look in the mirror and should deal with what you see there instead of strange attacks on a extremely pretty young lady.

She is absolutely incredible, makes me want to go to Carl's burger.

Jeff Bridges #2 looked more realistic in Tron: Legacy.

With a picture like that, I can't decide if I'm a breast or thigh, type of guy.

Oh, the pain of indecision.

Pass on the burger, I want the bikini (even if I don't have those legs to go with it, ha )

That image has been so heavily reworked that the artist got a bit carried away, and resized her head a little too small for the rest of her.

Ditto with not patronizing Carl's Jr. Haven't set foot in the place since they decided the way to market was to demean and disrespect women. Were a group being targeted like this other than women, it would be all over the media how Carl's Jr. was insulting (name your ethic group).

But women-bashing seems to be accepted in the good old USA. And with words and attitudes is where it starts.

Gee, Turkey is largely Muslim and for those of you who are clueless they can show stuff like this in Turkey.

Maybe but I doubt it, the wingnuts who think all Muslims are the same will get a clue.

As for the woman, nice...

As for those of you who think it demeans women, get real as sex is what sells in America and if you don't like it then move to Iran.

Turkey is Muslim.

And they show more skin as part of their popular culture than does prudish America.

Where's the nearest Carl's Jr...if the turkey burger is as good as Miss Turkey is perfect..i'll never eat anywhere else!

The all too familiar ethics of Carl's Juniors owners: Conservative Christians, women as property. Wasn't the last one paris hilton having sex with her car holding a burger?

omg I want that bikini!!!!where can I find it?

I felt this was very inappropriate!

Hi Who is playing the middle eastern music on the Miss Turkey burger add? Thanks, Charlotte

^Charlotte - Our new ad agency, David&Goliath, had the music created specifically for the Carl's Jr. and Hardee's commercials. Unfortunately it's not available anywhere else, so enjoy the ad!

I say mmmmmm yummy and Delicious!!!....and so is the burger

A sensitive political message (Islamic values / sexuality) in a Carl's hamburger commercial ? If that is not an example of covert psychological warfare in the struggle between Islam and the West, I don't know what is.
It is very clever though, definitely a bold move on the part of Carl's Jr...
It would make me want to buy a hamburger there. Gutsy. Don't get me wrong though - I respect the world of Islam and see it as one of the world's great religions. There are aspects though that are a bit stiff. Kind of like a women that has gone barefoot all of her life and suddenly decides to wear a pair of Italian stilettos. Not always a comfortable fit with the modern world.
By the way, Miss Turkey 2010 is a very beautiful young woman. Turkey is also a very good role model for other Islamic countries

If it is demeaning to woman why do woman want to be in the add?

I think miss turkey is a most amazing beautiful woman. Because she is also from a Muslin country is so refreshing. There have been objections to this add from so-called feminists. The feminists should welcome the absolute beauty of a Muslim woman without the cover-ups and sexual discrimination. What is wrong with a beautiful woman? Everyone appreciates the curves and beauty of a woman. She is tall and sweet and sexy and so gorgeous in her turkey bikini. Thank you Carl's Jr.


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