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Gifts inspired by Lent (or Mardi Gras): Wrath

March 7, 2011 |  8:30 am


Through Mardi Gras on March 8, we're giving you gift ideas inspired by the seven deadly sins. You'll be regretting the sins, but not these gifts, come Lent.

Reached your boiling point? We suggest keeping it in check and summoning up visions of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. Seriously. Your enemies will have much more than a raging headache to deal with if they try to mess with a superheroine, right?

And who better to imitate than this iconic female force when striking back in glam-slam style? After all, this is one girl known to use the power of accessories to her advantage (bracelets that stop bullets and a tiara that doubles as a dagger). For your gift arsenal, try dazzling armor to bolster a friend’s defenses and fashion ferocity. We love the powerful energy of CC Skye’s Pave Flash lightning earrings ($175 at and their association with superheroes and the gods of nature.

For a more in-your-face, “don’t mess with me” message, we suggest Karla Fox’s white gold Dagger Pendant decorated with two tiny white diamonds ($450 at Appropriately, it’s from the Cutthroat Collection. Take that, frenemies!


Or study her stunning moves via the 250 illustrations in the tome “Wonder Woman: Amazon. Hero. Icon” by Bob Greenberger ($35 at One stellar present.

-- Ingrid Schmidt

Top photo from left: CC Skye’s Pave Flash lightning earrings. Credit:; Karla Fox’s white gold Dagger Pendant. Credit:

Bottom photo: “Wonder Woman: Amazon. Hero. Icon” by Bob Greenberger. Credit:

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