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Gifts: Give your loved one your heart for Valentine's Day -- and make it honest

February 6, 2011 |  8:30 am


There’s nothing quite like Valentine’s Day to bring on a serious case of sweaty palms and heart palpitations. And let’s be clear: These symptoms are so NOT love-induced, but rather incited by minds hysterically racing between relationship questions and gift performance pressures.

Cutting to the chase is this snarky laser-cut Valentine by artist Andrea Everman that perfectly sums up that love-on-the-razor’s-edge feeling we’ve all had (8.5-inch tall in thick mat board with velum envelope, $22 at

“My own rocky love life gave me inspiration,” said Everman. “Dating crazy, needy or very nice guys my mom would like.” See more of Everman's work on etsy.

-- Ingrid Schmidt

Photo courtesy of Andrea Everman 

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