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Milan Fashion Week: "That '70s Show" with Roberto Cavalli and Salvatore Ferragamo

January 16, 2011 |  4:54 pm


Men's Fashion Week in Milan is only half over, and I've definitely noticed a serious '70s vibe from the get-go.

First, there was the relaunch of the Jimmy Choo men's footwear collection that had a certain '70s Mayfair playboy flair (in an earlier post, I called it "one part James Bond and two parts Austin Powers"), then Roberto Cavalli closed out Day One in a groovy mood -- filling his runway with dudes in three-piece suits, all tight jackets, broad lapels, boldly patterned shirts with necks wrapped in foulards and draped in Native American-inspired jewelry.

Day Two gave us Salvatore Ferragamo (set to a blasting "Doors" soundtrack, including some of Jim Morrison's spoken-word poetry just to set the mood) with a soft parade of cashmere overcoats, suede trousers, supple leather jackets and felted hats.

The wide shoulders, double-breasted jackets and funky details like the leather lacing at the V-neck of a ribbed knit sweater completed the 40-year rewind illusion, and by the time the model hit the runway in a green beret, green turtleneck, beige double-breasted jacket and shearling coat, it felt for all the world like it could have been a faded photo negative of the style of outfit worn by the Black Panther Party of the day.

It'll be interesting to see whether the next two days of shows here in Milan find designers mining the "Me Decade" as deeply. 

-- Adam Tschorn, reporting from Milan, Italy

Photos: The '70s aesthetic was in evidence on the runways of Milan this week, including at Roberto Cavalli, left and second from left, and Salvatore Ferragamo, right and second from right. Credit: Jonas Gustavsson & Peter Stigter / For The Times