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Golden Globes: The good (Julianne Moore) and the bad (Leighton Meester)


Julianne Moore's shocking pink and asymmetrically draped Lanvin gown is the epitome of chic. I love the jeweled necklace halter.

Leighton Meester blew it. Beige and long-sleeved? Really? Has she joined a religious cult? You only get to be in your 20s on the red carpet once. Give us something better, please.

And now that I've gotten a better look at Nicole Kidman's Prada dress, the fabric is really unforgiving. It's leaving nothing to the imagination, let's just put it that way.

--Booth Moore

Photos: Julianne Moore and Leighton Meester. Credits: Mario Anzuoni / Reuters and Jason Merritt /Getty Images

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This snarky attitude is so tiring, Booth Moore.

Leighhton Meester looked beautiful and if she wants long sleeves, so what?
Julianne Moore is great but the single puffy sleeve is distracting. A
beautiful woman already has the game beaten by being a beautiful woman.
When the dress distracts from the woman instead accentuating her, it's time
to wear something else.

you know nothing about fashion, both Julianne and Leighton looked great

but I guess you're only into the marchesa and the saabs of the world..

wow, i thought julianne moore's dress was one of the worst on the red carpet and leighton meester never looked more beautiful.. i'm happy she wore something different and unique rather than looking the same as everyone else.. i thought it actually worked for her.. love the colour and the shoes.. don't know wat u're thinking

I thought Leighton looked gorgeous, but to each their own. Both girls looked great, but I wasn't a massive fan of Juliannes dress.

Julianne Moore did not quite pull the look together. She looked like she's tied in an uncomfortable knot. Hate the loud,garish pink. The colour makes you look at the dress and not at Julianne's beautiful face.

Leighton Meester looked romantic and softly chic. I liked it. And the creamy beige did not wash her out.

All I can say is I completely disagree with this review. Julianne Moore's dress was a total disaster. This odd one sleeve monster of a dress was unflattering and simply looked cheap; like a something a project runway reject coughed up. (Ari Fish, LOL) Seeing chic associated with that dress is just sad.

On the other hand Leighton Meester's was indeed a chic move. Yes showing skin is sexy but she showed us class in a very youthful and fashionable way. Leighton's look called to mind a sort of glamor that you could expect from a young Grace Kelley. This is what we need more of on the red! Not cheap frills and short frocks. Oh, and handbag was fab!

Leighton looks classic and chic while showing just enough skin with the slit in her dress. It's a very classy and stunning, gorgeous dress.
Julianne's dress is very 80s prom catastrophe with very visible wrinkles. And it does no good for her very pale skin tone.... Is this real life? Seriously? Just... seriously?

I actually really liked Leighton's dress. She couldn't have looked more beautiful.
it was a good balance, not overly sexy. Julianne's dress was pretty too, but not really for my taste. I'd have to agree with the other comments, Julianne's was one of my least favorites and Leighton looked glowing

Leighton Meester looks beautiful and so is her dress! She's showing just enough skin if you ask me, today all these young stars go out looking like tramps, but not her! GOOD JOB LEIGHTON!

ITA... Leighton looked romantic and softly chic!

I love the necklace with the fabric wrapped around it. Just different, so 40's. I would have reduced the width of that cape piece at the top of the sleeve to fit more as a sleeve because it was too big. But she is elegance and pulled it off.

I agree with the other posters. Booth Moore, what are you thinking?!! Julianne Moore looked mediocre but Meester was stunning. What a gorgeous dress by Burberry. Just because someone is young, doesn't mean they have to show skin at every occasion *cough* Blake Lively *cough*.

Julianne Moore is an exceptionally beautiful woman. This dress did not flatter her in the least. The photo above, althought not great, was the best, because on the red carpet and on stage, she just looked distorted in an elephant man kind of way. The color didn't work well with her coloring, and while redheads can wear pink, this wasn't the shade for her. Leighton looked pretty and fresh, and I loved her minaudiere! All last night I was looking for comments on this worst of the worst.

i love julianne too!..i'm just sad she didn't win for best actress..hmm..


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