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Your morning fashion and beauty report: Beauty trends, datebooks and man bags

December 29, 2010 |  9:00 am

Emma Watson 

We can't stop reading Top 10 or Top 5 or "best" lists for 2010 (and there's plenty of evidence in today's report). So let's kick off the morning with mention of BellaSugar's "Biggest Beauty Moments" of the year. Sure, we appreciate celebrity fragrances and makeup collaborations. But our favorite is the pixie cut. Please see above. [BellaSugar]

Before smart phones, before Microsoft Outlook, schedulers across the world spent the week between Christmas and New Year's Day filling out their new datebooks. And apparently, some of us continue to cling to the datebook tradition. If you're searching for one, InStyle lists its top picks for 2011.

Sure, the rain in Southern California is stressful, but imagine what it's like in Norway right now. We're thinking it's probably quite cold and folks might very well do anything they can to stay warm. But that hasn't stopped Oslo Fashion Week (Feb. 14-20) from banning fur. Perhaps Norwegians have mastered the art of layering. [The Cut]

If you are craving a makeup fix, we can always point you in the direct of Sephora. What's new? The "Sephora Collection Palette Color Play" ($30 will buy you eye shadows, blush and two lip colors), which seems to have been inspired by Shopbop’s “Faces of Fashion” lookbook. [WWD, subscription required]

You may be under the impression that All the Rage tilts toward the female reader. And with all this discussion of datebooks and fur and eye shadow, we can see how you might have acquired that impression. But we are here to tell you that we embrace the world of men and their appearance! To that end, we'd like to recount the Wall Street Journal's top men's style trends for 2010:  The "Mad Men" effect (think skinny ties), man bags, plaid and tweed, Korean designers and Chinese sneakers. So, gentlemen, there you have it. [WSJ]

-- Alice Short

Photo: Emma Watson. Credit: Joel Ryan / Associated Press