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Temporary tattoos, on-trend for 2011, also rocked 2010


I was in a beauty supply store last week, looking for something to make my skin look dewy, glowing and young, when I noticed that the lovely and really young thing waiting on me is probably never going to have that problem, at least where her body is concerned. While her face was pretty and her complexion smooth, every other inch of exposed skin was covered in tattoos, which kind of mask what your skin looks like even it it's perfect, so who cares about dewy and glowing? There was a deep blue diamond on her throat -- yes, throat, not back of the neck, which was shielded by a high collar. Long sleeves covered her arms, probably by edict of the store manager, but a sun pattern peeked out on her wrist, and hearts festooned the backs of her hands.

As these things go, they were really beautiful tats. And I almost complimented her on them. Then I stopped and remembered that tattoos -- permanent ink tattoos -- are against my principles. I mean, really. Why do something permanent when you can get the same effect on a temporary basis? It's the difference between wearing a ruffled blue satin blouse on a few special occasions or wearing one EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!  

With this on my mind, I was delighted to see, as Susan Carpenter reported on All the Rage recently, that high-end temporary tattoos such as those released this year by Chanel and by Beyonce for the House of Deréon, are expected to be on-trend for 2011, according to market research firm JWT.

And the very next day, Temptu, maker of air-brush makeup and temporary tattoo kits, sent out a list of its top-10 temp tat picks of 2010, the year these decorations began hitting the mainstream. This is a year-end top-10 list that ranges from the silly to the sublime ... but whatever. No one will be stuck wearing the same look in 2011!


Temptu's top 10:

1. Beyonce: Her entire body for the fall 2010 House of Deréon campaign -– which spawned a limited edition Temptu and Deréon temporary tattoo collection
2. Martha Stewart: On her face for the cover of her annual Halloween issue
3. Victoria's Secret Angel: Emanuela de Paulo went tribal for the 2010 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
4. Willow Smith: For her New York City holiday Toys for Tots concert
5. Marcia Cross: Sported a spider for Halloween at a PS Arts event
6. Kim Cattrall: In her '80s flashback for "Sex and the City 2"
7. Kat Von D: Launched designs with Temptu and Sephora
8. Stephen Colbert: A temporary-tat regular, sporting an eagle for "The Colbert Report"
9. Cast of Green Day's "American Idiot": Used temporary tattoos on Broadway
10. New York Runways: Models got tatted (temporarily) for Wayne, Odd Molly, Ashton Michael and Charlotte Ronson

Indeed, the temporary-tattoo trend does seem like one that could stick around.

-- Susan Denley

Photos: Beyonce for House of Deréon campaign; Collage showing, from top, the top 10. Credit: Temptu


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I work for one of the largest advertising company's in both New York and Los Angeles, and they throw us a well known amazing annual party. For 2010 it was held poolside at the Franklin Hotel in Hollywood for several hundred of us. We had a company called" Special FX Ink" out of Los Angeles area cover our event, and it was definately the huge hit of the party. Everyone got a Custom Temporary Tattoo, some got something small and cute, but most completely enjoyed the fact that they could have anything they wanted with no regrets and got some cool huge designs. This was much better than other types of bodyart we've seen because it dried instantly and people were even able to jump right into the pool with their temporary designs without them coming right off. So much fun!

If your planning any kind of party, it really seems to make any party an instant hit, and the woman and her other artists were just the kind of people you'd want for your guests, classy but lots of fun!

The tribal artwork on Emanuela de Paula is by LA-based makeup artist William Lemon III

You are so right! The trend has just begun! As one of the owners of Scandinavias biggest temporary tattoo online store we see the demand rises from day to day!


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