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Stylish new films to see this holiday season: 'The Tourist'

December 15, 2010 |  2:36 pm

Angelina At its best, “The Tourist” recalls elegant 1950s-era Grace Kelly/Hitchcock films such as “To Catch a Thief.” At its worst, it’s reminiscent of the kind of slick perfume commercials you see on TV this time of year. But there’s no denying that the costumes, in the hands of Colleen Atwood, are resplendent.

The film follows Frank Tupelo (Johnny Depp), an American tourist in Italy caught in a web of mistaken identity and international espionage. He’s a hapless math teacher from the Midwest, and Elise Ward (Angelina Jolie) is his glamorous heroine, who first appears on screen in a camel cashmere stole, long suede gloves and a tight skirt with an orange sash in back that swishes as she walks (see left).

Jolie’s sleek look, all neutral colors and rich fabrics, was inspired by Kelly, says Atwood, as well as the fashion photographs of Richard Avedon and Louise Dahl-Wolf. The sash was pure seduction. “It reminded me of wild animals, how they have a flash of color.”


Charlesjames All of Jolie’s costumes were designed and made by hand, except for a 1950s Charles James dress (right) that Atwood found at Los Angeles vintage store Paper Bag Princess. (“I couldn’t resist,” Atwood says. "When she put it on, it fit her perfectly. I don't know if anyone else could wear it like she does.") 

ShoeThe costume designer collaborated with Salvatore Ferragamo on Jolie’s shoe wardrobe, including a pair of gold metal heels ($750) that was produced for Ferragamo boutiques.

The antique diamond choker Jolie wears with her Belle Epoque-inspired black tulle ballgown was adapted from a tiara from Robert Procop’s private collection.

A former Asprey executive, Procop has been making pieces for Jolie for years. And it was Asprey, of course, that tapped Jolie to design a line of fine jewelry last year. It should come as no surprise that there are several Asprey clutches and jewels in the film as well.

That’s synergy for you.

-- Booth Moore

Photos of Angelina Jolie in "The Tourist" are courtesy of Columbia Pictures. Photo of Ferragamo shoe is courtesy of Ferragamo.