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Your morning fashion and beauty report: Why we'll miss Nancy Pelosi as speaker. And how 'bout those Hells Angels?

November 3, 2010 |  8:44 am


The Republican sweep of Congress means Nancy Pelosi will be out as speaker of the House, and we here at All the Rage will miss having her flair for fashion front and center. What other speaker has been named "best dressed," as Pelosi was in a Huffington Post poll? [LAT] Not to mention having her style dissected in glossy mags such as Harper's Bazaar, online sites including the Daily Beast and august dailies such as the New York Times and Washington Post. Who can forget Pelosi, in her elegant lavender suit and matching pumps amid a bevvy of congressmen in dark suits? The San Francisco Democrat will still be serving in Congress but not as prominently without the speakership. [LAT]

Wow, that was fast! Eight days after the Hells Angels sued Alexander McQueen, Saks Fifth Avenue and Zappos over the sale of McQueen merchandise bearing the Hells Angels winged-skull logo and name, the parties have reached a settlement. McQueen, Saks and Zappos will cease and desist and also attempt to recall already sold items. Good luck with that. [WWD]

In a Parisian Indian summer, smart women are wearing shorts with scarves and boots, dresses with vests, touches of black and jeans. Sounds kind of like L.A.! [WWD] 

Shellac, the long-wearing nail polish from CDC that is supposed to make a manicure last up to two weeks, is coming out with a dozen more colors next year. [BellaSugar]

Dr. Nicholas Perricone, whose name is synonymous with good skin, has a new book out, "Forever Young," along with a new skin-care line, Super. The new products are based on plants and free of parabens and other bad stuff. [T Magazine]

Ever wish there were a way to keep your shirt tucked in no matter what? There is. It's a contraption called a shirt garter, which attaches to your shirttail on one end and your socks on the other. So your shirt stays tucked in, and your socks stay up. Brilliant. [The Cut]

-- Susan Denley

Photo: Nancy Pelosi with gavel in hand during passage of the healthcare reform bill earlier this year. Credit: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images