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Burning Questions: Just who is T-Mobile's stylish new 4G girl, and who made that pink-and-white dress?

If you've seen T-Mobile's new TV ad campaign, you probably got a chuckle out of the fact that it manages to deftly mock Apple's own Mac vs. PC ads by casting the iPhone and the AT&T network as a haggard pair of piggybacking fellows and the T-Mobile myTouch 4G as a comely lass in an eye-catching pink-and-white dress. You may even have wondered aloud -- as my better half did -- what "4G" (which refers to the fourth generation of cellular wireless standards) actually means.

Although I can't help you on that front (it turns out that defining 4G -- like beauty -- depends on who you ask), I have gotten to the bottom of a couple other burning questions. Namely, who is the gal working the Anne Hathaway meets Kim Basinger look? And who made the dress she's wearing?

As trivial as they might seem, over the last few weeks these two facts have been the subject of a good

deal of conjecture in cyberspace -- which I quickly found out when I started to poke around. 

According to a T-Mobile representative, the standout pink-and-white dress was a custom-made, vintage-silhouette-inspired dress designed by Debra LeClair, the stylist who worked on the campaign and photo shoot. 

As for the woman rocking said frock? Sorry to disappoint the substantial number of folks online who seem convinced that it's the soon-to-be Mrs. Donald Draper from "Mad Men" (a.k.a. actress Jessica Paré), but her name is actually Carly Foulkes, a model whose face may feel familiar since she's appeared in a spate of Rugby Ralph Lauren ads.

But it turns out Paré and Foulkes have more in common than just a certain look -- both hail from north of the border; Paré was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and Foulkes is from Toronto.

-- Adam Tschorn

Photo: T-Mobile's myTouch 4G girl, played by Canadian model/actress Carly Foulkes, in a custom-made, vintage-inspired pink and white dress designed by stylist and costume designer Debra LeClair. Credit: T-Mobile. Below: T-Mobile's "Piggyback" commercial.


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Ms. LeClair should definitely license the design! Make sure and let us know if she ever does!

Anyone else find it odd that America is in a crippling finical crisis and Americans are lacking work, but T-Mobile has the nerve to hire some stick figure from Canada(Carly Foulkes)? This is pretty bad in light of the situation. Up until this point I have been pleased with my T-Mobile service, but this is the wrong message you should be sending. Americans need work. Americans. Not Canadians. There are plenty of attractive pencil thin women to choose from here. End rant.

T-Mobile is actually a German company (Deutsche Telekom AG).

The whole "4G" campaign is a lie / scam - there's no such thing at this time. In fact, "4G" is still in the discussion / planning stage. This is another blatant example of FALSE MARKETING. Don't be a fool - fully research before making a purchase of any new technology. There's PLENTY of chatter online to support the fact that "4G" is nothing more than a catch-phrase as of JAN 2011.

She kinda resembles Adrienne Janic....sort a way.

Stylish? You have GOT to be kidding me. Some stupid pink frock and idiots online go ga-ga?

What had me busting a gut with laughter was her ridiculous PINK RANGER unitard biker getup: With grey suede ankle boots. She clearly needed a safety helmet, what with that kind of sheer incompetence from just a basic sartorial standpoint.

she looks fantastic,she acts very well and i figure she'll be in the movies very very soon. can't wait !!

She could be a decendant of the oh-so lovely Catherine Zeta Jones.....
the resemblance is there.....(& she is sooooo sexy , tho the boots gotta go higher )

I think the dress is absolutely fantastic. I have seen another T-mobile commercial where she is wearing another fantastic looking dress. I wish I could buy my wife one like that. WOW.

T-Mobile girl is Hot. Who cares if she is from Canada, makes you want to go there on vaction. She's definitely an eye catcher.

What a hottie!

im 51, and if i had lots of money, id ask the t-mobil doll to marry me

crippling finical crisis ? Really? LOL - you don't get out much do you! That was last years news.

I'm pretty sure hiring a Canadian PROBABLY would not solve you crippling finical crisis.

And BTW - she is HOT and the dress is fantastic - Well done!!!!

This girl is a doll..but my Apple I Phone with AT%T service is awesome and I wouldn't switch. Bababooey to Y'All

She is a natural beauty, and she's got some presentation skill. I wish her the best.


No, I don't find it odd that a non-America is doing the commercial. Where is it written that only Americans deserve to have an opportunity. T-Mobile if you didn't realize it is a foreign based company, that has Americans working for it in several places (administration, engineering and retail sales). But no, that doesn't mean that we are guaranteed every single job they offer. Good grief!

As for sending the wrong message. T Mobile's only job is to sell phones, not sending messages that make you happy. You want more American jobs, then stop supporting politicians who have made it plain that they are only concerned about 'businesses', not its citizens. We did it again in November and immediately businesses were pushed above us all.

lol, I live in canada <3

T-Mobile is owned by Deutsch Telecom - it is not an American company.

on line
is this all you have to do make comments about commercials
and if someone is hot
that's pathetic

Uh Georgia,
Why did you stop and scribble your prose if all this is so beneath you?
Now that's pathetic!

While the dress is nice the young women is absolutely gorgeous. And I mean she is hot and still has that sweet next door girl crush type of vibe. Not sure if this is a trend but I have only know one girl from Toronto and she was hot too. Makes me wonder.

She got the job cause she earned it. Quit the griping jeez...
Oh, and I agree that 4 g isn't real here in San Diego.

Too skinny. Bad influence on young girls. Someone feed her, please.

She's hot.

She is cute but definitely needs to gain a few pounds. Her arms and legs are too skinny.

frankly speaking, she's not a very good actress. so what if she's got the body; she can't deliver her lines well.

"it's even preloaded with Inception.." blah blah blah

I thought she may have been one of Steven Tyler's (of Aerosmith) children.

In the picture above, not the video, she looks like Neve Campbell from Party of Five series and Scream movies.

Ever notice that she always uses the "helpless-me" single-leg-knee-bend, where she points one foot inward? CONSTANTLY! And the males are always portrayed as brainless. These T-Mobile commercials are so formulaic and annoying.

All I can say from my (brief) research is that Carly could have a much bigger career than just modeling. She has a great mannerism (in the commercial at least), and I love her voice too.

She is smokin this is the first time i've written about a commercial and it's because of her.HotHotHot!

I personally think she looks like a dork in the jeans.

When I drive through Long Beach, I thought i saw a latina version of T-mobile pink dress poster advertising in one of the bus stop.

Did they have a different woman for the latino market?

She's so FINE! Although I do miss CZJ but Carly's doing a great job!
I love her dresses and she walks elegantly in those heels! ~~drools*
Kudos to the new spokesgirl of T-Mobile. Danke!

Quit griping rolnardz and enjoy the view.

She's pretty. But the MetroPCS guys "Ranjit" and "Chad" are my favorite telecom spokespersons! Ranjit is played by Anjul Nigam (known for his recurring appearance on Grey's Anatomy) and Chad is played by actor Sid Veda.

i love everything about 4g and my t-girl is pretty in pink....i dont care if my girlfriend gets mad t-girl just took her spot as my screensaver...YIKES

Look at that 50's dress! The Pink and Black Days rule.
Creator Debra Leclair drew on a simple old principle.
Pretty dress, pretty color, pretty girl. The timeless color, retro style, and talented model, Carly Foulkes, have
drawn a lot of national attention for T-Mobile.
The adds are instantly recognizable,
pleasant to watch and easy to understand. Carly flows like oil with her few steps, few words and classy look.
Very well done. Thank you agency.


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