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Donatella Versace: I called 'SNL's' Maya Rudolph to tell her how to 'do me' better


Forever-platinum fashion designer Donatella Versace made an appearance on "The View" Friday, introducing pieces from Versace's fall/winter collection and -- in her broken English -- taking on a few hot topics.

Co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck introduced Versace by giving a little background on the brand, including the fact that founder Gianni Versace was murdered at his front doorstep in 1997 (a little strange to bring up 13 years later, no?).

Donatella Versace noted that she stepped into the role of head designer after her brother's death because "I had so much responsibility from people around me. Could I run away? No, I couldn't. So I decided to do ... to do it. We were so proud of what he created, what he did."

The interview lightened up considerably when a clip of Maya Rudolph doing her famed Donatella Versace impression from "Saturday Night Live" was aired. Versace giggled along with the show's co-hosts and said she thought Rudolph's impression of her was "hilarious."

Still, she said she would have fine-tuned the performance. "I talked to her on the phone once, and I gave her a suggestion on how to do me better," said Versace. First off: "I don't drink." And second: "Take off the jewelry because it looks too fake -- I only wear real."

But of course.

-- Emili Vesilind

Photo: Donatella Versace attends the Vogue Fashion's Night Out event at the Versace boutique in Milan, Italy on Sept. 9. Credit: Vincenzo Lombardo / Getty Images




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