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Your morning fashion and beauty report: 'Project Runway' judges make 'toughest decision' ever. Now you have to decide on a Halloween costume.


"Project Runway" closed out its season Thursday night with judges making what host Heidi Klum called the "toughest decision in 'Project Runway' history." After much debate over the merits of the three remaining finalists -- Gretchen Jones, Mondo Guerra and Andy South -- judges named Jones as the top designer, saying the 28-year-old Oregonian's collection was the most "sellable" and the most on-trend. I'm pretty sure we'll be hearing more from all of them, though. [CBS] 

"What Not to Wear" returns Friday night for its eighth season on TLC. If you haven't seen it, it's worth a look. The basic philosophy, according to Los Angeles Times' television critic Robert Lloyd, is that there are no ugly women, only ugly clothes, and by changing your clothes you can change yourself. The episode begins at 9 p.m. PDT. [Los Angeles Times]

I love it when Halloween falls on a weekend. More time to get into the spirit; more opportunities to wear costumes. Some women I know plan to start Friday and change costumes daily (or maybe even twice a day) through Sunday. We know that one of this year's popular looks will be Snooki of "Jersey Shore." But what, you may be wondering, will Snooki wear? Reports are that it's -- drum roll -- a pickle costume. A short, tight, sexy pickle costume, of course, complete with a light-up, pickle-shaped scepter. [WWD]

Meanwhile, Ellen DeGeneres plans to start the weekend by going on-air Friday dressed as Snooki's trademark pouf -- that's right, she's going to be a big fluff of hair. [People]

If you're still looking for costume ideas, Heidi Klum has tons of them for couples and for kids. Some pretty creative stuff. She and husband Seal once decked themselves out as a snake-wrapped apple (Heidi) and blond-wigged Eve (Seal). [StyleList]   

For more Halloween inspiration, check out BellaSugar's 15 face-painting ideas.

Celeb designer of the day: Mariah Carey plans to launch her first "lifestyle" line on HSN Nov. 29. It will feature jewelry, footwear and fragrance. [WWD]

"Mad Men" costume designer Janie Bryant was guest of honor at a Maybelline-sponsored party in New York celebrating her new book, "The Fashion File: Advice, Tips and Inspiration from the Costume Designer of 'Mad Men.'" [StyleList]   

Big beauty retailer Sephora plans to open two stores in Mexico City, as well as one in Brazil. [WWD] (Subscription required.)  

-- Susan Denley

Photo: 'Project Runway' hosts Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum with this season's contestants. Credit: Lifetime

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That just ensures I won't watch runway anymore- that woman is horrible & I'm not surprised her partner left her- who wants to live with that

As someone said on a blog... what we saw last night was Project Runway 'jumping the shark'. It's done.

project runway,
you guys blew it!! eveyone is upset! Mondo and Andy were the clear winner and runner up!! Gretchen did not deserve to win..
Mondo and Andy, a bunch of us tried to buy your line but you both were already SOLD OUT!! CONGRADULATIONS!!
Crushed and polished recyled art

Michael and Nina need to have their hears examined. Seriously.

Throughout the show, Grethen's clothes have been SO BORING, drab, poorly fitting, dated, cheap-looking. JUST AWFUL. They absolutely will NOT sell, except perhaps at a Goodwill store. How did she get this far, unless the judges gave her points for being over-confident, pushy, insulting, and fake!

Nina and Michael never made "sellability" the criterion to win. Pathetic flip-flop at the end. BTW, shock factor does not work; it completely alienates viewers.

Mondo is a rare TRUE extraordinarily talented designer. He sees things regarding patters, colors, and styles that ordinary people just don't. His creations are fabulous clothes we want to wear, as opposed to drab cheap clothes to shlep around in.

High fashion is about reaching for the stars beyond the boring garb of ordinary existence. It's why we watch red carpet shows. Does anyone aspire to look like the models in the Sears catalog? Of course not, and that is exactly where Gretchen's cheap-looking, uninspiring snooooooze line will end up, if she is lucky. Mondo, on the other hand, will be designing for the highest of high end fashion houses and the most glamorous of stars. We will all watch what he puts out and hope someone will make decent knock-offs so we can feel as fabulous as the stars who wear his couture clothes.

Nina and Michael blew this one BIG TIME, and the show may not recover from your ridiculously poor judgment.

MY wife was so mad! She said she'd never watch again. and know I am beggining to think I will also never watch project runway again. They wanted ready to wear stuff from an exciting tv design show?

It makes me sad that Mondo didn't win. I have always watched Project Runway and I have always chosen the winner...except this time. I was sure that Mondo was the winner. Sorry Mondo, but in my eyes you are the winner. Gretchen didn't deserve to win. I believe Mondos' and Andy's designs were much nicer. Ms. Klum, you should have gone with your instinct.

Anyone who used to follow the Calvin-and-Hobbs comic strip knows about Calvin Ball...a game Calvin, the 7-year-old boy, and his stuffed tiger play.

From the Calvinball Rules:

"Permanent Rule: You may not play the Calvinball the same way twice....
1.2 Any player may declare a new rule at any point in the game (Figure 1.2). The player may do this audibly or silently depending on what zone (Refer to Rule 1.5) the player is in....1.4. Any penalty legislation may be in the form of pain, embarrassment, or any degradation the rulee wishes to execute upon the other player."

Sound familiar? Finally, the wacky and perverted PR judging rules of Season 8 have a reason...they replaced the previous rules with Calvinball rules.

As I am sure you are aware, you are not alone in your outrage.

By far, Project Runway fans' posts at PR-focused websites (including Lifetime's) have been close to 99% anti-jones each day since the judging. Yes, I counted up each days' posts and did the math."

Jones won by default. In reality, Kors and Garcia voted AGAINST Mondo and not FOR Jones.

It was clear Kors and Garcia were angry that Mondo remained true to his design vision. He kept (and prominently featured) in the runway show a dress that Kors and Garcia had previously slammed for being "circus" and a "joke."

Unfortunately, their egos being what they are, Kors and Garcia interpreted Mondo's belief in his own vision as a very public insult of their credibility as fashion experts.

It was a trashy, arrogant, and low-class abuse of their judges' power.

PR has always billed itself as "fashion forward," yet Kors and Garcia used as a reason for vociferously insisting on Jones as winner, that Jones knows what is popular now.

That means that Jones was entitled to win because she knows what is currently popular at Macy's. Really? That would qualify as PR winner Macy's buyers, stock-clerks, sales people, customers, and people who pay attention to what women are wearing.

That's not fashion-forward, and that is no worthy of $100,000 and the other career-starting support PR winners get.

Even the premise--that Jones knows what is trending now--is false. How many high-end boutiques and department stores are having granny-panty designs flying off the rack? How many even offer them? Even designs similar to the other patchouli-inspired designs just aren't being worn--nor sold.

I agree that Kors and Garcia have to go. It's not that they are old--it's that they are old-thinking. Worse, their low-class, obnoxious, arrogant, rude, mean-spirited, and disrespectful judging comments are very uncomfortable to watch. The designers--and the viewers--deserve judges who are at the peaks of their career, and above abusing their power as important members in the fashion industry judging a very popular design competition to humiliate a powerless, neophyte in the industry.

The only reason I would accept Garcia and Kors back as judges is if, at every appearance as judges on PR, they are forced to wear Gretchen's granny panties---and no other overgarment below the waist-- for the entire session.

Surely, PR can do so much better than they did in Season 8. But even if that is true, they may need to do some heavy courting to woo back the 99% of posters who are, like Jennifer, outraged by the Calvin-Ball-esque judging antics displayed this past season.


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