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Skinny jeans that suck you in and stay put

October 5, 2010 |  2:48 pm


My experience with skinny jeans is quite the opposite from what the name suggests. They do not make me feel skinny or sexy or at all comfortable, but rather like I’ve been stuffed into pants that amplify any extra flesh on the thighs or rolls on the stomach. They are (along with platform flip-flops and micro mini shorts) fashion evil and the fact that the style has stayed around so long is at once a mystery and misery.

Last week I slipped (ok, yanked) on a pair of jeans called Hello! Skinny Jeans and my thoughts on wearing the sucked-in silhouette changed altogether. These pants actually make you look skinny rather than like a sausage about to burst through its casing. They’re made with a high content of nylon/elastane which sucks everything in and holds it there. The inseams are drawn forward on the leg to make it appear smaller from the front. And my favorite part is that the thighs are what the website refers to as being “scooped out”, pushing that fleshy area apart and slimming the entire thigh. The washes are all pretty dark and even to keep the slimming effect and the leg opening actually has a tiny boot cut to balance out the wider hip and thigh area.

While the name has “mom jeans” written all over it, the actual pants are a revelation to anyone who’s ever yearned for their comfy sweats or boyfriend jeans halfway through a day of being stuck in some skinny jeans.

Hello! Skinny Jeans are available at Kitson and Fred Segal.

-- Melissa Magsaysay

Photo: Hello! Skinny Jeans Barely Bootcut jeans