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Richie Sambora's White Trash Beautiful: Not at all trashy, occasionally beautiful

Richie Sambora, Nikki Lund & Kimberly Caldwell - WTB Fashion Show Instead of fussing over models backstage, Bon Jovi's Richie Sambora and Nikki Lund — designers for the White Trash Beautiful brand — hung out in the front row of their own fashion show, gabbing with actress Heather Locklear, Sambora's ex, and other friends before the lights went down.

And the runway presentation, which closed the Sunset Gower Studios Fashion Weekend on Sunday night in Hollywood, echoed the designers' easy-breezy attitudes.

The line's Spring 2011 collection was full of airy, colorful boho maxi dresses; tighter T-shirt jersey frocks with beaded fringe, a la Pocahontas; sari-style layering tunics; and suede and leather raw-edged skirts affecting Raquel Welch in "One Million Years B.C." 

The line was, surprisingly, wholly un-trashy. Still, a little last-minute backstage micromanaging would have made all the difference.

While many of the pieces themselves were on-trend in an Urban Outfitters-cum-Rachel Pally kind of way, the show's awkward styling knocked many of the ensembles down a few pegs.

There were too many fussy necklaces, cheap-looking belts and silly blinged-out shoes, especially considering how "done" the models' hair was (in really cool multi-braided side-ponytails -- see photo below). Fringey silver earrings just don't feel modern — especially when there's already so much going on.

Ava Sambora Backstage at WTB Fashion Show Too much action is also the collection's downfall. There's an instinct to hyper-embellish classic silhouettes. A denim shorts romper, for example, has enough going on without adding a panel of strange, contrasting fabric down the back panel.

But where the designers (Lund and Sambora?) succeeded was in creating a handful of feminine looks that felt young and kicky. Some of the best skinny cargo pants I've ever seen walked the runway — cut beautifully to hug, not strangle, the thighs. And there were many floor-sweeping, rainbow-hued dresses that felt chic and sunny, but also rock-star-cool. 

-- Emili Vesilind

Photos: (top) Designers Richie Sambora and Nikki Lund and Kimberly Caldwell from "American Idol" sit in the front row of the fashion show. Credit: Getty Images

(bottom) Sambora and actress Heather Locklear's daughter, Ava Sambora, who walked the runway for the second season, is seen backstage. Credit: Getty Images

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Did you see the way Rick Sambora's daughter was dressed on the red-carpet? She looked just-about like she was about to go work a corner on Hollywood Boulevard, if you know what I mean. What kind of parents are Ricky and Heather? A 13-year-old girl should not be wearing full make-up, a mid-riff shirt, skin-tight jeans, and high-heels for the paparazzi. What are Ricky and Heather thinking? Do they like dressing her daughter up like jailbait? Ricky and Heather should be ashamed of themselves.

Who is Rick/Ricky Sambora corymac? The article clearly states RICHIE SAMBORA, anyone with a brain knows its RICHIE SAMBORA. Ignorant person.

Poster (1) are you for real? What cave do you live in? She is one very beautiful young lady, nothing street-walker about the way she's dressed or the amount of makeup she's wearing. You are really prudish in your remarks. Everyone has a right to thier own feelings, but heh got to lighten up a little. Yeah shes hot probably real hot to a 14 year old boy, but trashy not at all. If you could find a hooker that looked like her you couldn't afford her. And hookers never look that good.

Corymac, you are entitled to your opinion but, perhaps you misunderstood the article? This was a FASHION show in which RICHIE Sambora and Nikki Lund showed their WTBeautiful clothing line. RICHIE and Heather's beautiful daughter Ava was dressed for a special occasion. On any given day, you will see her dressed as a typical 13 year old make-up, typical clothes. Give them a break! Let's keep it real on here and positive please. Harmful comments only reflect the individual who writes them. Have a Nice Day.

Corymac, lighten up, she is beautiful and is a young lady.
The parents are doing just fine.

Nikki and Richie are fantastic. The clothes are beautiful and edgy at the same time. Any woman that appreciates beauty and fashion would love to wear these designs! Congratulations to both of them on a GREAT job!
In response to another comment (corymac)...I am sure "Ricky" (I believe he likes to be called Richie since that is his name) and Heather are great parents. Ava was beautiful and never once resembled anything less than a classy young lady! She was perfect! Let's keep in mind she IS a fashion model and not a street walker. BIG DIFFERENCE...don't be so judgemental and perhaps you don't understand what a models job actually is. "Ricky" and Heather...nice job!

Hey Corymac - for the record it's Richie not Ricky and I seriously doubt Ava walks around town or goes to school dressed like that. I think it was perfectly fine given the event. "... ashamed of themselves.."? really? at least they are fully involved in their daughter's life and obviously love her. How many 13 year old girls even want to hang out with their parents? You should be ashamed of yourself for passing blame based on one thing.

corymac, obviously you can have your own opinion and you are free to express it, but I think you are so disrespectful talking in this way about a young girl. This was a Fashion show (her dad's fashion show, called RICHIE like everybody knows) so it was an exceptional situation. And you must be informed before talk, because you know what? Heather and Richie are very proud of her beautiful daughter and they are very very careful about everything has to do with her. Maybe you should hear Richie talks about Ava and model stuff in some interviews and you'd change your opinion...

btw, congrats Nikki, Richie and all WTB team cause you had a great show and the new collection is more than wonderful!!

I'm actually shocked at how nice the collection is! As for Ava the girl is a doll and obviously inherited her parents good looks. I just hope she does not 'grow up too fast'. She does not look 13 when she is in modelling garb but I can see how she would if she is dressed like herself. Unfortunately HER role models right now are Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. That scares me more than the modelling gigs but will hope and pray she is just a '13' year old girl and stays young and innocent for a few more years. I can see that Mom & Dad are gonna be beating off the boys at the door soon enough!

Okay, everybody, there is a call for all of us who are offended by Richie Sambora letting his daughter get up on the cat-walk in those clothes to boycott the "White Trash Beauty" brand. Let's not support a brand sees nothing wrong with sexualizing children.

I loved the collection and thought it was just overall stunning and refreshing. Nikki is clearly a brilliant designer. Richie is a great guitar player, I don't know how much influence he has at designing, but it sure was a beautiful collection. Also, why do Nikki and Richie not just come out already as a item? They are so handsome and beautiful together?

richie sambora's, nikki lund, new item designer friend is beautiful herself. you know, that richie looks as if he is burning the candle at both ends. nice his and her fashion line took off to a good start. cheers!


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