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Are Wine Wipes genius or just another gimmick?

Winewipes Drinkers of red wine can either rejoice or cringe at a new product called Wine Wipes. After a swipe across your teeth, these petite wet wipes are supposed to get rid of that deep red film that can stain your pearly whites -- and spoil your looks -- after you've had a couple sips.

The wipes come in small tins with mirrors and resemble makeup compacts. Each wipe has a mild orange flavor meant to help cleanse the palate. Our Daily Dish blog has more details. 

Not sure if the wipes will do better than a good old-fashioned napkin, but they could be one more reason to smile big, and pour another glass.

-- Jenn Harris

Photo credit: Wine Wipes

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I am a NZ-based wine writer and have just finished 3 days of judging at the NZ International Wine Show, at least 150 wines per day (out of the 2100 wines entered) I am a total convert to wine wipes. They absolutely work. I am almost completely out of them because so many of my fellow judges kept asking me for them to use. They taste a little salty to begin with, but that quickly disappears, they remove the stains and the taste of wine is not affected. The packaging is a tad twee, but like a bottle of wine, its what's inside that counnts.

Don't know about teeth, but the wipes are good for removing wine stains from your fingers after a big trade tasting, when soap and water do nothing.

What wine-lover would want his/her palate messed up with an 'orange' flavour between tastes of wine?


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