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Gadgets that are real gems when it comes to solving wardrobe problems

July 1, 2010 |  2:52 pm


Recently, several gadgets have come to my attention that could solve some typical wardrobe woes. Since these particular woes also happen to be among my pet peeves, I thought it would only be fair to share possible solutions with All the Rage readers.

Are your jeans so long they drag on the ground under your heels, posing not only a tripping problem but also leading to frayed bottoms? If you want a snazzier (and quicker) solution than hemming, you could try Hem Gems, shown above. These pins with hidden backs allow the wearer to fold the hem up to the desired length and then tack it into place. Introduced earlier this year, they come in a rocker pyramid style and a classic rivet style, with more to be introduced later this year. A package of eight sells for $19.99.

Speaking of jeans, how frustrating is it when you can't wear the same pair with flats or heels? Hem Gems could help in this case too, but if you don't want the added embellishment of studs, another company offers Hem-Eze, an invisible two-sided adhesive tape with rounded edges that allow you to change the hem length temporarily. Especially designed for use with jeans and pants ("Wear high heels this morning and sandals tonight" is the slogan), the tape can also be used on skirts. A package of 20 strips (four are recommended per pant leg) is on sale through July 23 for $9.95, which is a $5 discount from the usual price.

And speaking of invisible: I sure wish bra straps were unseen under summer frocks and tops. The showing-straps look wasn't a good look even when it was a look, and now it is really passe (imo). A 27-year-old company called Braza has tons of products designed to keep lingerie (or parts of your anatomy) out of sight, including Flash Tape you can use to hold together a gaping blouse; the BrazaBra for strapless, backless adhesive support; Strap Keepers, to hook bra straps together behind your back so they don't slide off your shoulders (though maybe a visit with the bra whisperer would help solve that problem); and Upsie Daisies, adhesive pads that stick the top of your strapless dress to your skin so you don't have to worry about it falling down. (Note of warning: the Strap Keepers can be a little tough to put on without help from a spousal unit or other assistant.) Most of the Braza products are priced $10 or less.

-- Susan Denley

Photo: Hem Gems