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What To Wear, a real-time wardrobe advice website, launches Thursday

June 17, 2010 | 11:04 am


Stumped over what to wear to that Malibu wedding or first date? Now there's 24-hour advice available from a panel of fashion industry "experts" — celebrity stylists and Glamour magazine staffers — on What to Wear, a new Q&A fashion website that offers real-time answers (usually under 10 minutes) to your fashion conundrums.

The site, which launched Thursday morning, looks like a souped-up Twitter feed — with reader questions (often including posted photos) followed by expert answers (again, with photos), capped off by user comments. 

For example, a reader asks: "What to wear with my little Gucci dress?" and posts a photo of said frock. To which celebrity stylist Monica Ditsworth responds, "With a designer dress, it is best to wear a beautiful pair of nude heels so your legs look sky-high and slim. Try a pair of peep-toe patent leather ones like these [photo is shown]. Another item to add is a simple black leather clutch. Now your look is polished and refined, just like your Gucci dress." 

The roster of participating stylists is impressive and includes Nicole Chavez, who styles Rachel Bilson and Scarlett Johannson; Katy Perry's stylist Johnny Wujeck; Nick Steele, who works with Beyonce and Claire Danes; and Tammy Eckenswiller, who outfits Mary Kate Olsen and Rihanna.

However, every stiletto, sweater and bedazzled ring suggested by the "experts" on the site links back to a retail site where you can purchase the item. So the question is: Can you trust a site that's clearly been erected to sell products (it's essentially one monster affiliate program)? Are you better off trusting the opinions of your colorblind boyfriend?

Still, What to Wear's hot-line-style approach succeeds as a novel concept. The speed of response is fun, and the advice, which is clearly geared toward teens and twenty-somethings, rarely strays outside the box -- leaving little room for an unsuspecting user to end up looking like a fashion victim.

-- Emili Vesilind

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Photos, from left: Participating stylists Lee & Lovelace, Nicole Chavez and Priscilla Polley. Credit: What to Wear