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The tea-length circle skirt is back — are you buying?

AnthropologieAt the Louis Vuitton store relaunch in London last week, celebs such as Kirsten Dunst, Pixie Geldof and Alexa Chung ditched their body-conscious minidresses for a ladylike look that hasn't been in vogue for eons: the tea-length circle skirt.

The demure (nearly bookish) skirt style crept back onto the Fall 2010 runways at Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs. But whether it would ever filter down onto the street — and into lower-priced collections — remained to be seen.

We are, after all, still riding the miniskirt/minidress wave. And the tea-length circle skirt is what June Cleaver wore; it's almost synonymous with '50s-era homemakers (though Audrey Hepburn certainly made it look sassy in her heyday).

That the style is so far removed from the abbreviated skirts currently in stores may be its greatest appeal. The retro style feels surprisingly fresh and modern.

So far, I've only spotted a few circle skirts in L.A. — one at a sample sale in Echo Park (worn rather ironically with retro-red lipstick and curled Betty Page bangs), and another on a particularly chic photo shoot producer, who paired hers with a tucked-in sailor-striped shirt and ballet flats (the overall effect was perfection).

But now that notables are cottoning to the trend, we're bound to see more. And Anthropologie, which has long reveled in reviving '50s style, is already selling a cheaper model: Edme & Esyllte's "Shifting Buttons" skirt ($118), which features a sketchy rhombus motif that surely would have delighted Patsy Cline.

-- Emili Vesilind

Photo: Edme & Esyllte's "Shifting Buttons" skirt at Anthropologie. Credit: Anthropologie

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I really like the skirt! It's a must have!

I love the longer skirts. They are feminine and flattering. Women are sexier when things are left to the imagination. Wearing skirts so short your business is showing makes you look desperate. Or like you're in the business - lol.

I love the idea of the lenghts in the knees for the skirts, and dresses also. Much more elegant and feminine than the others. A classic that is excellent both for work and casual outfits. Lengthen the silhouette and enhance the shapes. Perfect!

Leila Silva

Epic win. I want these in multiple colors and weights -- so flattering, so fresh (and yes, so retro). And this means I can finally ditch the wretched leggings, right? Even better...

Couldn't be more perfect. I was just thinking how trashy those saran-wrap mini skirts are, especially on girls with big butts like...well, you know the usual suspects. I can hardly wait to wear the new skirt and feel like a princess.

Love it! Much more wearable and flattering to the overwhelming majority of women.

I think this style of skirt is great - just not willing to pay nearly $100.00 for one.

Thank, God!

I agree with IonaTrailer--these skirts are flattering to women. I am so tired of seeing barely-there shorts and skinny jeans on everyone. Classic never goes out of style.

Yay! So feminine, and with the longer length comes the opportunity to show off gorgeous fabrics.

Love it! I'm looking for a wedding dress that is tea-length to wear with flats -- maybe this is a good time to look.

Feminine, well-behaved, seductive, subtle. I don't think this is appropriate for Hollywood.

God. Here we go again. The "fashion" world recycles the same old stuff - it's short! it's long! it's medium! it's short! it's long! it's medium! - and morons in the media breathlessly go gaga over how "fresh" and "daring" it is. It's a mid-length skirt. They've been around for a century and they'll come back again. These are clothes, people, not breakthroughs. Tight is still tight, loose is still loose; black is black, white is white, prints are prints and colors are colors. People wear pants, shirts, dress, skirts, shoes. The only changes going on are in the apparently helium-filled heads of the people who think these things are all revolutionary and new.

Of course we love this. If it's good enough for Peggy on Mad Men it's good enough for the rest of us!

If you have hips, the gathers around the waistband make you look like a pumpkin with curtains/draperies around it.

I remember these skirts from the late 1980s and was glad to see them go. I'll be glad to see them go again.


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