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Carly Fiorina's Futura's so light, she's gotta wear shades

Now that Carly Fiorina has won the GOP primary race for the U.S. Senate seat occupied by Barbara Boxer, it's time to take a good, hard look at the candidate's fashion sense -- fontwise, anyway.

In TV ads -- and on  Fiorina's campaign website -- her first name, rendered in a thin, sans-serif font, serves as the logo, and it was noticeable and just familiar enough that after only a few airings, I began to wonder aloud what the typeface was, and where I might have seen it before.

Tuesday,  I finally got around to uploading a jpeg of the logo to WhatTheFont!'s automatic analyzer, which offered me 38 possible matches, many with only slight variations. My best guess from the options was a font called Futura TS XLight from the TypeShop Collection. But, to be sure, I posted it to a forum where all kinds of font folk freely offered their expert opinions, and within just a few hours, I had an answer.

Carly_font "It is a Futura, but it looks like Adobe’s Futura Light," was the response I received. (And, really, who am I to argue with someone who posts to the forum using the name Eyehawk?)

Wikipedia describes the Futura typeface as having "an appearance of efficiency and forwardness" -- surely the kind of image the former chairman and chief executive officer of Hewlett-Packard wants to project in her senatorial bid. 

Then again, maybe it's simply force of habit from her old job. A file uploaded to the website in 2008 appears to be an HP branding standards document, and if it's legitimate, it offers an excruciating level of detail on the appearance of photos, page layouts and, yes, typefaces used by the company.

"Our one and only typeface is HP Futura," begins the typography section. "No other font is as simple or as versatile." Later, the document stipulates that "HP Futura Light is preferred for large font sizes and positioning statements."

And if  the logo for your U.S. Senate campaign doesn't qualify as a "position statement," what does?

-- Adam Tschorn

The Character Issue

Photo: At top, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, at the Anaheim Hilton on June 8, 2010. The typeface used for the name "Carly" on the signs behind her is Futura Light, supposedly the preferred font of Hewlett Packard's branding statements. Credit: Don Bartletti / Los Angeles Times. At bottom, the typeface as it appears on the GOP Senate candidate's campaign website. Credit: Carly Fiorina for California

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anybody but boxer for carly

What a piece of fluff. Is this California journalism?

She is a joke and failure in the corporate world!

Excerpt with permission from “Audacity of Hopelessness” Promised, Planned, Powered by Barack Hussein Obama at

Babara & Barack's declaration:

PEOPLE OF THE WORLD! Enter into the USA illegally to empower Democrats-Voting-Blocks and to be rewarded with a job, driver license, social security, welfare, food stamps, credit cards, subsidized rent or a loan to buy a house, free education, free health care, a lobbyist in Washington, tax-payers-lawyers to defend you, billions of dollars worth of public documents printed in your language, and the right to carry your country's flag while you protest that you don't get enough respect.

WARNING: If you enter into any other country illegally, you will be shot, hanged, decapitated, imprisoned to rot all your life or deported immediately. Why go anywhere while the American-Democrats are starving for your votes!

And how would Barbara deny:

1. Obama-Care is the most pernicious example of how the rulers secure freedom for themselves and imprison the ruled. Freedom means the right to choose: the right to create for oneself the options of choice. Without the possibility of choice a man is not a man but a cog in a machine. Evil politicians hate free people and they want to enslave the ruled; it is the only way they can exercise their power without resistance. Once enslaved, the ruled get busy working for their rulers. The more corrupt the rulers, the more numerous the laws. Politicians want to shackle their subjects with ever increasing pile of laws. They also have a law that ignorance of laws is not a defense. Ignorant and dependent subjects are evil politicians’ treasure. Dissemination of knowledge protects liberty.

Barbara is only a female faced Barack and should be de-crowned.

no wonder people does not read newspapers anymore
this is TMZ journalism style, congratulations

I'd like to vote for Carly but I just don't trust her. Plus she ran Hewlett Packard into the ground and laid-off thousands of workers. I hope she includes those highlights in her fall campaign ads.

Ricdicolous article. The last thing I care about is how a rich political candidate dresses. The writer and the politician are living in a dream world. I care about a person's substance and compassion and will to work. To help the people who need. USA has one of the highest gap between rich and poor in the world. Virtually the same as Thailand. America has never quite figured out how to take care of their own, such as in Sweden, Norway, ect. Maybe some of the huge amount of money she spent getting the nomination will trickle down to the unemployed.

She dresses well also. Go Carly


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