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The Luxe Beauty Team creates one-stop beauty shop at Warren Tricomi salon

May 19, 2010 | 10:00 am

Most hair salons that offer other beauty services usually treat it as an afterthought - think dusty mirrored tables for manicures tucked against a back wall and a menu full of facial treatments that hasn’t seemed to change in decades.

Photo Makeup artists Sarah Uslan and Amy Hollier are giving the idea behind a full-service salon a face-lift with their makeup, mani/pedi, tanning and eyebrow shaping studio set up in the Warren Tricomi salon in West Hollywood.

The 26-year-olds started as mobile makeup artists shellacking the faces of socialites and celebrities before they hit the red carpet. But with at-home service rates being high ($250 and up, per visit) the two wanted to bring the personal attention to the civilian population, hand-picking 7 other artists (from manicurists to spray tanners) to join their Luxe Beauty Team.

At the end of April they started taking appointments at Warren Tricomi and are also at the ready for anyone who wants to get some eyebrow threading after their blow-out or feels they need their face done after their layers are trimmed.

Or, with this being L.A., someone may need that extra touch to get ready for an audition. On the particular morning I was in the salon, a man ran in on his way to a casting where he needed to fit the role of a flamboyant nightclub owner. He plopped down in a chair and two speedy makeup artists applied bronzer, some smudgy eyeliner, painted one of his fingernails black and sent him on his way in 15 minutes.

Uslan and Hollier are also starting to expand into retail territory, carrying a couple of beauty lines (La Rocca and Kevyn Aucoin) as well as selling a few products they select for something they call the “Artist’s Pick,” which can be a favorite blush or on-trend item they carry in their makeup bag and can’t stop using (this month Uslan is loving a fuchsia shade from Lipstick Queen and Hollier likes a peachy-orange blush from Paul and Joe).

Anything the artists use in their makeup kits are also for sale if a customer likes it, but unlike a department store, the ladies use a wide array of products from dozens of lines and have no sales quota to meet, alleviating the usual pressure that comes along with department store counters.

But even though the goal is to have a wide array of services at the ready, don’t expect anything that doesn’t fall in line with the taste level of their Luxe Beauty vision, meaning no French manicured acrylic tips a la "Real Housewives" or oompa-loompa orange tanning inspired by "Jersey Shore."

Luxe Beaty is located inside Warren Tricomi salon, 8327 Melrose Ave.

Prices range from $30 for a manicure to $60 for full body tanning and $100 for makeup application.

-- Melissa Magsaysay

Photo: Left to right - Sarah Uslan and Amy Hollier/courtesy of Luxe Beauty