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Swoon's affordable bridal gowns

Anyone who's been a bridesmaid knows that the honor doesn't always come cheap. And since I got engaged on New Year's, I've given quite a bit of thought to the dresses my four lucky friends joining me at the altar will wear: something befitting the event, yet something they can -- to use the phrase that's more truthiness than truth -- wear again. Most important, I'm also worried about price.

As the attention in my social circle seems to shift toward my wardrobe for the day, I realized that I would love these things for my gown as well -- something chic and comfortable but maybe not so much cha-ching.  Which is why Swoon's Amy Wong Micucci has given me hope.

Around June 1, Micucci will offer more matrimonial versions of her not-overly-stuffy, affordable bridesmaid dresses via her website -- think heavier fabric weight and full linings (or a double lining for chiffon). This does mean the price is a bit steeper than what your girls will be paying, but we're still talking a sticker price of under $500. Best of all, they're casual enough that you might even be able to ... wear it again? 

-- Whitney Friedlander

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Prices for photos as shown: Cancun dress $425, sash $22; Mykonos dress $425, sash $22; Florence dress $425, sash $24; and Sonoma dress $465, sash $30. Credit: Swoon

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you have got to be kidding--these dresses are hideous and shapeless and boring. one step up from an old fashioned nightgown.

A bed sheet would work compared to these.

They're lovely! And sound like they are well-made for the price, too!

Beautiful! And it's about time a designer thought about those of us who don't want to spend thousands of dollars on a dress, but still want to look great.

I love these dresses!!! I'm going to forward to a bride-to-be. Thanks!

These are beautiful dresses, especially the second one. Amy Micucci's ability to capture a simple yet elegant look at a reasonable price is perfect. I wish they were available when I was married nine years ago.

These are wonderful! Jealous for bridesmaids who wear these (and could probably wear them again after the wedding). I would have much preferred these to the bridesmaids dresses I've worn. Also saw Micucci's bridal gown on cover of Brides magazine last year and thought it was beautiful.

How dare people say these gowns are "hideous" and "shapeless"?! I can personally attest to Amy Wong Micucci's stunning wedding dress designs as I wore the one that was featured on Good Morning, America and the cover of Bride's Magazine this past winter because she won a national contest!

I received sooooooo many compliments the day of my wedding on the dress alone (and still continue to!). Multiple people have told me it was "the most beautiful wedding dress" they have ever seen!! I fell in love with it as it was romantic, vintage, beautiful, fresh, modern, the most unique dress--all wrapped into one! I couldn't be happier with my very affordable dress that was cheaper than the alterations(!) of my friend's wedding dress.

If you don't believe me, check out the pictures my photographer posted on his blog...

Amy Wong Micucci's dresses are anything BUT boring and shapeless! Perhaps these ladies are shapeless and can't pull off wearing a stunning dress, but no need to bash on her designs as a result.

So simple and gorgeous!!! I'm guessing moni and dot are the types to wear those gaudy overly-sequined-disney-style dresses. These bridemaids dresses are so pure and elegant. If you go to Swoon's website, she has so many wonderful styles and beautiful colors. As the author said...these are definitely dresses you could (gasp) wear again!!!

Is this article implying that these bridesmaids dresses can be used as informal wedding dresses? If it is, than these dresses are pretty affordable if you view like that.


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