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Silver foxes: 'Today' show to air segment on how gray hair is chic


Are you a slave to hair color — hitting the bottle every three to six weeks to cover your gray roots? If so, Diana Lewis Jewell, author of "Going Gray, Looking Great," is out to reform you.

Jewell, who also runs a website of the same name that encourages women to embrace their silver fox, will be making the case that gray hair is "cool" during a segment airing on the "Today" show on Wednesday morning.

The author will be joined by three of her website’s "Silver Sisters" — women who've embraced going gray — including SoCal resident Suzanne Fleishman, who will appear sipping drinks on the rooftop of the Rare View restaurant in New York, "chatting about the response they get from both women and men, as they flash their silver proudly."

“There are many reasons a woman chooses to go gray,” said Jewell, “with the biggest two being authenticity and freedom. Women want to be themselves, with their own kind of beauty. And this taps into the whole natural movement. ...Women are tired of chemicals permeating their bodies."

Jewell may be fighting the good fight, but there's little evidence in popular culture that more women are embracing their gray — at least before approaching a ripe old age. Meryl Streep, for example, flaunted a chic white 'do in "The Devil Wears Prada," but she's forever baby blond on the red carpet.

Still, there are a few notables waving the silver flag. New York socialite and artist Hope Atherton has long flaunted (dyed) silver streaks in her otherwise dark mane, Jamie Lee Curtis is currently rocking a silver pixie cut and Helen Mirren and Diane Keaton have been seen sporting their natural silver color.

Do you think more women should embrace their silver side? Let us know in the comments section below.

-- Emili Vesilind

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Left photo: Diane Keaton. credit: Stephen Shugerman / Getty Images

Center photo: Helen Mirren. Credit: Luke MacGregor/ Reuters

Right photo: Jamie Lee Curtis. Credit: Anne Cusack / Los Angeles Times

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YES!!! I want to embrace my real appearance, not spend my whole life pining to be someone other than who I am.

Do "I" think more women should embrace their silver side? Without a doubt!! I am a 56 year old, fit, happy, Canadian woman who has finally embraced her authentic self! I had my long, curly, dyed hair cut "down to the wood" in December 2008 and now I am proudly sporting long, silver-streaked tresses! No more sitting in salon chairs with a mass of chemical "goop" burning my scalp and seeping into my body. Just think of all those chemicals spilling into the shampoo sinks in salons all over the world.........scary!! True beauty is a healthy body!

I am one of the "Silver Sisters" who joined Diana Jewell on that rooftop and I will also be appearing live tomorrow in an Allure magazine segment with Kathie Lee and Hoda. I am far from "approaching a ripe old age" and can say the same for all of my silver sisters on In fact, many of us are in our 30s and 40s! Come on over to the website and see that there is a silver revolution going on and no matter what may or may not be happening in "popular culture" there are thousands of real women who every day are deciding to embrace their gray!

In the la' la' land of "bottle blond" I would imagine you choose not to see the beautiful silvers that pass by every day! After I had an Oprah makeover (she made me blond) I counted the days until I was silver once again. You can see my story at

Diana Lewis Jewell wrote the book "Going Gray, Looking Great" before there was even a hint of silver revolution in the air. Now, it's being called a "trend"! She's pure genius and women from around the world flock to her book and website like a moths to a flame!

I am now known as the "Woman who Snubbed Oprah's Advice" in an article on, which explains the behind the scenes Oprah makeover.

Yes, why not? After all, 'gray is just a color' as Diana Jewell says, it's the styling and the way that the woman (or man) is presented that counts.

I have had gray hair with white wings since I was 27. I love it and would not dye it for anything. It's thick, long curly, lovely and I've always gotten compliments on it,

YES! YES! YES! I say go for it! I went "cold turkey" and last colored my hair June 09, 2009. My hair is thicker, shiner and prettier. I love it!

This is such a fun topic...I absolutely was one of the women who happily colored my hair for years because I thought gray=old...until an article in the LA Times a few years ago "the Politics of Gray". Basically I wondered why men are distinguished but women are "frumps"...then I realized it's because YOU said so!!So I decided to find out for myself and what a journey it has been. I am not a "ripe old age" whatever that is but at 55 with grown children, I really have no problem looking like a fit GROWN UP with salt and pepper hair!! Diana Jewell is just that a "Jewell". Spend a few moments on her website and you will find women out there PROUDLY embracing their gray and their sense of self. I for one am PROUD to be gray!!!
Thank you for this forum!

Itchy Scalp No More! Healthy, shiny, soft hair Now! Thanks to the education, support, and information from Diana Lewis Jewell's book and website. I am in 'transition' and get many compliments on my natural color and told I look too young to have a 22yr old child.
I learned of much better products for my skin, hair, and make-up at, which improves my appearance :)

I have never colored my hair... well once I did a semi-permanent dye that washes out in 24 washes... washed my hair like crazy until it was all out because I couldn't stand how it made me look. Coloring our hair doesn't make us look younger... just makes us look artificial. I have convinced some of my friends to go gray and I will NEVER color my hair. It is who I am. Lulabell is right.. true beauty is a healthy body. I think gray can be gorgeous.

I stopped dyeing my hair 8 months ago and now I have a short ,silver do which I just love. My hair has never been shinier or healthier and the lighter hair colour around my face diminishes any wrinkles I might have. You look younger with the gray hair! Wish more women would discover these secrets and embrace their natural selves.
Montreal, Canada

I do believe that in spite of the comments made in this article, embracing one’s silver foxiness is a growing trend. I see it more and more all the time. Popular culture? Maybe not. But, there is a reason that going gray is the number one, most talked about topic on More magazine's website as mentioned in the Today show segment. And fine, this is a magazine geared toward the over 40 audience, but women in their 30s and even 20s are finally beginning to see the light after years of being brainwashed by advertisers and hair color companies. It IS possible to be beautiful NATURALLY. Taking good care of your skin and eating healthy goes so much further in preserving a youthful and healthy appearance than a bottle of hair color. Maybe, at a glance (from far away) artificial hair color may make you appear younger. Get up close and personal and it is usually pretty obvious that it is what it is ... a dye job! In fact, sometimes the dyed hair can be so harsh and unnatural that it can make a person appear even older. So, let Hollywood continue chasing the fountain of youth with their botox, implants, extensions and hair color and be happy if they will. I think it's sad that women feel they have to take so many measures (often extreme) in order to appear beautiful. I choose to go the more natural route. And what a good feeling this attitude can bring to a woman within! I'm valuable and beautiful just as I am.... and even "hot" as a man said to me today, gray hair and all! Isn't it what's inside that means the most anyhow? I know that's what I am teaching my daughter!

Suzanne Fleishman

I'm all for women embracing their silver side...and I know more and more woman are doing just that. There is lots of evidence out just need to start looking. You'll be surprised at just how many women of all ages are throwing away the bottle of dye and enjoying the freedom of their natural hair color.

I went gray beginning in high school (my father grayed prematurely as well, but neither of my brothers have much gray) and am now in my mid 40s. I tried "highlights" for a couple years beginning in 2004 but it was just too much time and too much money. By 2007 I had had enough! I went for the Jamie Lee Curtis haircut during the change over because I absolutely HATE the grow-out look and have never been happier. I didn't keep the haircut though because it too was a lot of maintenance. Surprisingly, I get a lot of compliments on the color of my hair from salon stylists, strangers, and other women...and a lot of appreciative stares from men. With so many women coloring the hair well into their golden (better yet, silver) years, I think my color makes me unique. And through the recession I am happy to be counting that unspent money in my pocket.

Silver hair is where it's at.

Do I think more people should embrace their silver side? I think people should do whatever they want with their hair. I don't know what the big deal is. I am 58 years old and have had icy white hair for more than 10 years. I stopped dyeing it because I became very self conscious about my roots and the expense and upkeep of maintaining color. I have NEVER regretted this decision. I feel more confident and sexier than I ever have in my entire life. I defy anyone to say that I look like I am approaching "ripe old age". If anything, I turn heads when I walk into a room and I love it.

I loved seeing the Today Show segment about women embracing their natural hair color - it is about time that something was reported about how it is truly great to be who you want to be - gray hair and all. I agree with Suzanne and others that eating healthy and being fit goes alot further than TRYING to keep up with hiding your gray hair. I love being who I am - thank you to those ladies that showed us all that being/having gray hair can be quite beautiful.

Emili V. has obviously not read the book. Diana is not out to reform anyone. She is advocating choice for women. This article represents the same old tired notion. It's the same old celebrity photos which we have all seen a million times and the same old prejudice toward women. No one questions a man when he walks around with his "authentic" hair color revealed to the world. Let a woman choose to be natural and authentic and it turns into the same old boring, light weight controversy. Let's have some fresh thinking, please.

I wish your article would have referenced the FDA and its website that explicity states that hair dyes should never be allowed to touch the skin and that includes the scalp. Yet it is impossible to have one's hair dyed without touching the dye on the scalp. Hair dyes and fumes are dangerous and proven cancer causing agents for patrons and hair salon workers alike. Now that would be an interesting story to read. By the way, there is a worldwide movement of women getting smart and no longer using hair dyes.

Barb S. Salt Lake City, Utah


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