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Fantasy: Bristol Palin in gowns by Lanvin, Carolina Herrera. Reality: working as a medical assistant, changing Tripp's diapers

Sarah Palin has rarely been out of the headlines since she burst on the national scene as John McCain’s much more interesting and exceptionally well-dressed running mate in 2008.

Now daughter Bristol Palin seems to be following in Mommy’s footsteps, at least in the dressing department. The 19-year-old, most notable til now for her excruciatingly public unwed teen pregnancy, was photographed with son Tripp in a tea-party-themed (get it?)  fashion spread featuring gowns by Lanvin, Carolina Herrera, Isaac Mizrahi and Michael Kors in the June Harper’s Bazaar, hitting newsstands June 1.

In the accompanying interview she says that being pregnant during the campaign was “a shock for all of us.”

“It was kind of humiliating. ... Great, I’m 17 years old, I’m 40 pounds overweight with a big belly on me, all my friends are at school watching this on the news. This kind of sucks,” she told Harper’s.

Life now is different than she thought it would be. Instead of college, she is working as a medical assistant to help support herself and her child, and recently purchased a condo so she could move out of the family home. “I don’t have time for friends or anything like that. It’s just like, 'Right, crap, there is a hockey game tonight that I want to go to but I can’t,' " she said. "Or, I do have to go to work today, because I’ve got bills to pay.”

Bristol also is an ambassador for the Candie's Foundation, which combats teen pregnancy. But she says she loves her “Gerber baby” and is proud to be making it on her own.

-- Susan Denley

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Photo: Bristol Palin in a $4,385 Lanvin gown with son Tripp. Credit: Danielle Levitt / Harper's Bazaar

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A 19-year-old working as a medical assistant is purchasing a condo? Wow. And we're supposed to sympathize because she has to go to work every day, because of her past embarrassment and her not being able to go to hockey games? Shame on Harper's Bazaar for publicizing this totally atypical, unreal picture of a teenage "unwed mother," posing in designer clothes. And shame on her, too, for pretending to be an advocate against teenage pregnancy but presenting this glamorized image of herself to young girls.

Why are we writing about this , and why do we care? There are literally millions of unwed, young mothers who are really struggling to raise their children with a lot less help and glamour.

Will not purchase harpers with these ridiculous articles...waste of money

This is actually quite like Marie Antoinette, her new celebrity affords her a better life than most and therefore doesn't live in reality, looks ridiculous in a $4k gown, NOT GREEN with the grey vinyl siding outside the window, and even an ugly trim corner to boot! It oozes excess, even the kid with the food smeared on his face, brightly colored with cancerous dyes and sugar cakes, while mommy pours tea from a silver pot, how grotesque!

Whose idea was this? Never buying this dreck again!

She just seems like every other real American unwed teen mama. Dontcha think? Not the role model I want for my teen girl. Two babies before age 19 but I get to wear $15,000 dresses and buy a condo.

Why would Harpers even do this story. Is it a spoof on the tea party?

What a load of crap that "article" is and BP looks like a pathetic wannabe starlet in couture. I've had a Harper's Bazaar subscription for about 10 years, but now I'm going to cancel it.

Anybody that believes that BP is working as a medical assistant, I've got a bridge that they might be interested in!

Also, too, that photo of Bristol & Willow in the kitchen is the most photoshopped thing I've seen. Look at it - it would be impossible to open the refrigerator door all the way!

17 years old-blessed with all the publicity of her circumstances, I would say the young lady is doing one hell of a job of recovering - just my opinion--

What a load of CRAP

The Kardashians got nothing on the Palins. At least the Kardashians are savvy business people who are out hawking themselves and product for $$. They make no bones about why they are out in public, they are salespeople, selling lifestyle and product for $$. The Palins have to assault us with self-righteous, non-nonsensical, mean-spirited CRAP and we hold them up to icon status? What is wrong with us/USA today can be summarized with this: Bristol Palin is the spokesperson for teen abstinence. I'm embarrassed by the hypocrisy of this child's naive stance, is there noone to advise her? And her mother is just DUMB.

There is more "fantasy" going on here then a teen mom dressed in couture washing dishes. The greater fantasy is the article and the lies spoken by Bristol. How a magazine can publish baloney, report bizarre claims a medical assistant provided all the material posessions promoting Ms. Palin who in reality is the antithesis of a role model for she is full of it. The Palins edit fact to put their fiction out there. Me too, I don't want to buy another copy of this magazine. Show us someone who has ethics, morals, pulled self up, got an education, is truthful. It seems she merely learned to lie for profit, use and exploit her offspring and character assassinate others. I am not buying "the bridge" either.

No shame whatsoever........

She must have it so rough as a single mom, being the spoiled daughter of a vapid rich idiot.

I love all these comments. My people! I feel the exact same way. BP, what a joke. Will not support this BS article or magazine.

Only in America.

Memo to The Palins:

It's 14:59

LOL! There are lots of good liberal democrat parents in SoCal that are helping their kids buy homes while the kids work jobs that won't really foot the bill. How much does a "condo" cost in Alaska anyway? The downright jealousy and pure class envy here is pathetic.

All politicians are rich people, don't you know that? They all buy their kids homes and give them good starts in life that most people don't get. And they don't really give a **** about you or your petty little problems like living paycheck to paycheck. None of them, liberal or conservative, black, white, brown. If you think they care, you need to pull your head out.

Gitmo - still open
Iraq - still there
Credit card companies - still ripping people off
Bad irresponsible banks - still open with taxpayers money
Jobs - still not there
Hope, change - chump change maybe

This is all the fault of illegal aliens and liberals.

Trailer trash chic.

And you put a byline on this, Susan Denley? Why? For summarizing a magazine article and repeating quotes that you yourself didn't obtain? For forgoing any kind of legwork to see if the quotes are true or not? I don't get it.

Poorly written article that drips of elite condescension that it seems many commentors parrot. truly pathetic.

So sad that she still is complaining about the responsibilities of "normal" everyday people. I perceive her attitude about being a mother as, unenthusiastic. I can not stand this about "unfit" mothers of today. Why are they sooo excited about the benefits of sex, but act like they are totally unware of the consequences. If hockey games are so important to her, then next time she should "block the puck" and have a plan on what to expect.

Bristol Palin has done more to bring attention to the issue of teen pregnancy than anyone to date. May her story alert the millions of naive young girls out there to the 'real world' consequences of unprotected teen sex. And thanks to Bristol Palin, they are now also aware of the likes of that narcissistic, self-centered little scum-boy, Levi Johnson. Maybe they'll be able to see through the 'Levi's' in their lives before it's too late.
Bristol, my advice is to take full advantage of the celebrity you never asked for. Cash-in every way you can. The media is milking everything Palin for all it's worth; you are entitled to everything you can get. I see from the comments here that you must be doing something right; you simply pose for a photo shoot and the 'libtards' are out in force; bug-eyed, foaming at the mouth, spewing their hatred and venom. You go, girl!

yes -all the tea-bagger women are great fashionistas-careful now Bristol you are going to show the brainwashed idiot masses that you are just pretending to be one of them to get them to vote against their best interest and in favor of the people who are REALLY paying for your condo and your mother's new found career (since she dumped her political career when she QUIT as Gov.) as a GOP mouthpiece to instill fear and mistrust of the Obama administration-Just remember as soon as she spews too much propaganda out and the public sees her true motivation- for money- the GOP will turn on her in a heartbeat and cut her out like a cancer-why anyone thinks she still has a political career-I don't know-what public office does she hold right now?-as far as I can tell she is a 2-bit authur of trash propoganda-that has to be sold 2 for 1 at $5 a pop so she can stretch that over a million copies sold crap on it-I think most copies where bought by people who burned them anyway-and since she is such a average family person-where is she going to get the $20 billion she will need to run for president in 2012?-you got it-from BP and Exxon, Haliberton, and probably Satan himself -Dick Cheney-don't be stupid people-Sarah Palin is getting money from somewhere-and since she has no apparent source of income-other than speaking dates-who is paying her to come speak?think about it-this is one Big Money funded pit-bull sell-out piggy with lipstick and every retired vet who thinks she is on their side needs to do some reading-she is using you boys as a smoke screen-please don't let her manipulate your duty to your country into prostrating you to the rich-you have already served your country above and beyond

Spawn of idiot woman wearing hideously expensive couture - puke!

Just a way to glamourize teen pregnancy. Bristol Palin is only known for being the pregnant teenage daughter of the losing Vice Presidental candidate.


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