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Aprons: Back in fashion?

aprons are a growing trend
Sure, this isn't probably the kind of fashion post readers have come to expect from All the Rage, but The Times' Image staff loves a trend and, boy, did Rene Lynch in our Food section find a good one. Just in time for Mother's Day weekend, she writes about the resurgence of aprons.

But, as she points out, these aren't the "unisex, butcher-style, fuddy-duddy aprons" your mother or grandmother might have worn. Nope, according to Lynch:

Today's models — even the workhorse aprons, the ones you actually use to wipe off hands and fend off splatters — are fun. They're flirty. Sassy. Ironic. Fashion forward. And sexy: Full-length versions not only cover up but also enhance the bustline and play up an hourglass figure with a cinching of the waist.

Like so many other things "Mad Men"-style, these pinafores don't take themselves too seriously either -- Lynch even found one for sale on Etsy with skulls. And like other fashionable items, there are the cream of the crop breed of $100-plus aprons perfect for cocktail parties.

What do you think? Do you think aprons are retro cool or just old-fashioned? And would you/ do you wear one?

-- Whitney Friedlander


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Aprons are absolutely back in fashion! There are some great girly cocktail aprons at a store called Heavenly Hostess, located in Old Towne Orange, CA. A little overpriced, I think, but adorable regardless.

Every real cook wears an apron, not as a fashion statement but sheer practicality.

An apron is the perfect accessory to a outfit, an attitude or an occasion. And when it comes to tying one apron, of course (!), apron + pearls = everyday chic.


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