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You're wearing WHAT?? How not to go too sheer

April 24, 2010 |  9:01 am

When this major DON'T- PLEASE- PLEASE- DON'T arrived in our All the Rage inbox, we were shaken enough to realize that with white and khaki coming on strong for summer, we'd be shirking our duties if we don't remind you that there is a right way and a wrong way to wear light-colored clothing.

First of all, don't go too sheer, unless you actually want to provide a peek at what's underneath.

Second, don't go too tight, or you'll show off every lump and bump.

Avoid visible panty lines: Wear seamless undies or a thong. And make sure your lingerie is flesh-toned, not white, black, red, pink, orange or any other color. Got it?

"Flesh tones" vary, of course. The picture above was provided by MySkins, a lingerie company that offers 20 different flesh tones -- "highly specific shades of flesh tones," they say. 

The best way to make sure you're not overexposed in white: Check every angle in a good mirror in  good light before you take one step out of the house, young lady!

--Susan Denley

Photo: Courtesy of MySkins