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'Sex and the City's' fashion-forward plots

April 30, 2010 |  7:00 am

In this weekend's Calendar section, The Times' Rachel Abramowitz chats up "Sex and the City 2" writer-director Michael Patrick King about some of Carrie Bradshaw's memorable outfits from small and big screen and the plots that they provoked, including this fun anecdote about the crazy layers of a ballet tutu our heroine wore in the TV show's finale:

And sometimes, if the clothes fit, then the show wears it, as when Field brought in the gargantuan, thousand-layer Versace gown that Sarah Jessica Parker wore in the TV series finale. King first caught sight of the sea-foam extravaganza in the fitting room, where Field announced, "This just came from Paris. It wants to be in the series." "I said, 'Pat, no,' " King recalls. "The first reaction is, 'That's too big. How would she even pack it?' " King started to walk away, but then stopped: "Let's make it a story point. She's all overdressed with nowhere to go. She gets jilted. I did a shot from the Eiffel Tower. I wrote lines around it."

For more fun facts about the show and movie costumes -- that white dress Carrie's wearing in the above photo from the film is Halston. Hmm ... interesting -- click here to check out Abramowitz's story.

-- Whitney Friedlander

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Photo: "Sex and the City 2." Credit: Warner Bros.