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April 28, 2010 |  1:42 pm

Myshoescom Online shopping can be a stressful experience: Do you buy the last pair of booties on the site before the boss catches you surfing the Web or fret over finding a better deal elsewhere?, which was launched in November, tries to alleviate buyer's or almost-buyer's remorse by offering a broader search so that you don't end up looking like, um, a heel.

With a setup similar to the aggregate travel site, pulls sales and shopping details on the latest available styles in footwear from other websites and organizes the findings based on brands, styles, colors, heel heights and -- a personal favorite -- shoe features. Want to compare prices on leopard-print peep-toes with 1- to 2-inch heels between $75 and $100? Check off those search criteria and see what pops up.

Found the pair you want, but you're still uncertain because you've never used that seller's website? tells you the seller's base price, shipping rates and whether it takes returns. As an added incentive to use the site versus your favorite online retailer, has a partnership with sister site for added discounts.

We tested the site against big-fish -- which might have had a wider net for some search results, but actually had the same or a higher price tag when it came to the particular item. But one downside: Sorry, boys. This is an all-girls club, and it plans to stay that way. You men will just have to worship (at) our feet. 

-- Whitney Friedlander

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