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Get fired up on hemp fashion at THC Expose 2010

April 23, 2010 |  4:22 pm

Eido_Dress_Grass1 Saying that you're headed to the THC Expose for a fashion show is probably like saying you read "Playboy" for the articles, but if you do happen to find yourself at the Los Angeles Convention Center April 23 to 25  (that's today through Sunday), we've been informed that a half-hour hemp fashion show is scheduled for 4:30 PM each of those days. (Though coming, as it does, 10 minutes after 4:20, we wouldn't be a bit surprised if it got off to a late start.)

The event's organizer, Brian Roberts, told All The Rage that at least three brands had committed to showing their latest hemp, hemp-blend and organic cotton apparel collections; Think Substance, Satori Movement and Hemp Hoodlamb. Hidden_pocket

Based on what we've seen, the clothes manage to move beyond simply slapping a marijuana leaf motif on T-shirts and trucker caps and include some fun hidden details (our favorite is the hidden inside pocket of the Hemp Hoodlamb jackets designed specifically to dispense rolling papers -- obviously to be accessorized with the gloves that fold back to allow nimble fingers to roll, baby, roll in that long chairlift ride to the top of the mountain).

-- Adam Tschorn

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Photo: Apparel brands showing at the THC Expose hemp fashion show include Satori Movement (organic cotton dress, top left) and Hemp Hoodlamb, an Amsterdam-based line whose signature winter parkas include a hidden pocket designed to dispense rolling papers (bottom right). Credit: Satori Movement (top) and Hemp Hoodlamb (bottom).