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Has Sarah Palin gone from bagging moose to bagging swag?


New and old media alike are abuzz with the tidbit that everyone's favorite rogue former vice-presidential candidate, onetime governor of Alaska, budding stand-up comedian and potential reality-show star was allegedly spotted on Wednesday leaving the Silverspoons Oscar gifting suite in West Hollywood with a freebie gift bag.Rage_perryellis2

Even though the very next day publisher HarperCollins announced that Sarah Palin would be penning a new book reflecting "her patriotic and spiritual values," All the Rage isn't going to bust her chops for supposedly snagging a swag bag -- for two reasons.

 First, we're told it was all in support of the American Red Cross, though, quite honestly, we've never actually been able to figure out how giving away free clothes actually channels money to a charity -- but that's a blog post for another day.

Second, it's not like political party money was funding the fashion, like the $150,000 wardrobe malfunction of September 2008, which All the Rage suggested at the time amounted to a "one-woman economic stimulus plan." (A comment that apparently didn't go unnoticed by the then-candidate, as she makes explicit referencPE0216 Striped Straw- black loe to it in her recently published autobiography, "Going Rogue.")

No, what really interests us here at Rage Central is: What was actually in the bag? Well, according to a press rep for Perry Ellis, Palin and/or her entourage allegedly left the building with the following items from the brand's spring offerings: two fedoras, three T-shirts and two pair of sunglasses.

If it's indeed true, the only question we have is, just how long do we have to wait until we see former "First Dude" Todd Palin padding around in one of those fedoras like some sort of Silver Lake hipster?

-- Adam Tschorn


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Upper photo: Sarah Palin on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" on Tuesday. Credit: Paul Drinkwater / Associated Press/NBC

Lower photos: A Perry Ellis T-shirt and fedora. Credit: Perry Ellis

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To bad you do not spend more time and effort and Rangal and elected official or any eleceted official in the state of CA. Instead of out of work governor
Maybe that is the reason the LATimes is in the crapper

LA Times gets it wrong again. They used a British tabloid as their source. Like the first comment, no wonder the LA Times is in the crapper.


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