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Richie Sambora and Nikki Lund to duet on the runway

We've spent so much time over here at Rage Central trying to get the Los Angeles Fashion Week schedule nailed down, we nearly forgot to mention that the runway show kicking off Los Angeles Fashion Weekend at Sunset Gower Studios Friday evening (that's tonight) is the debut of rocker Richie Sambora's foray into the fashion world -- as well as the modeling debut of his daughter (with Heather Locklear) Ava Sambora.

The Bon Jovi guitarist -- who we're told as of press time is "stuck in Canada" and won't actually be in attendance at the show -- has collaborated with Los Angeles-based designer-musician Nikki Lund to create a women's contemporary clothing line called White Trash Beautiful.

We caught up with Lund -- whose apparel resume includes Eccentric Symphony, a line she created with professional surfer Maikai Makena -- in advance of the debut to get a few questions answered. An excerpt appears below.

All The Rage: OK, so where did a name like White Trash Beautiful come from?

Nikki Lund: It was a title to a song that Richie and John [Bon Jovi] had done, but they felt it was a little misogynistic. At some point Richie said to me, ''That sounds like a clothing line" and it just went from there. And that's also what we're calling our musical collaboration right now too.

ATR: So this is more than just a clothing collaboration?

NL: We decided to do music together -- it's kind of like the Eurythmics a little bit – and [Friday] night at the show the public will get to hear it for the first time.

ATR: Describe the White Trash Beautiful woman.

NL: The clothes are sophisticated and strong, sexy woman -- for the femme fatale. I believe every single woman has a little bit of white trash in them and that every single woman wants to be sexy, and these clothes are designed to let a little bit of that diva out.

ATR: What about men's clothes?

NL: It's just women's for now -- only Richie and John have the men’s [pieces] -- that’s the rule! We made a really beautiful variegated geometric blazer for John for the London shows at the O2 in London in the British colors, and Richie's got a bunch of conductor jackets and military jackets.

ATR: Why did you choose to launch the line during Los Angeles Fashion Week?

NL: This is our hometown. I'm from here, Richie lives here, and everybody's been so excited about the line we knew we could bring the buyers out and we could rev up fashion week and make it cool. 

ATR: Is collaborating with a musician on clothing a lot different than collaborating musically?

NL: Either way you either have chemistry and a connection or you don't. You need to see the same overall big picture.

We'll get a snapshot of that big picture -- and hear a few tracks from the audio portion of their multimedia collaboration -- when White Trash Beautiful debuts at Sunset Gower Studios at 8 p.m.  

-- Adam Tschorn

Photo: Looks from the debut collection from White Trash Beautiful, a clothing collaboration between musician-designer Nikki Lund and Bon Jovi's Richie Sambora. The line is set to show on Friday March 19 as part of Los Angeles Fashion Weekend at Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood. As of press time, Sambora was "stuck in Canada" and unable to attend the show, which is also expected to be the modeling debut of his daughter with Heather Locklear, Ava Sambora. Credit: From White Trash Beautiful.

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Nice of them to capitalize on the name "White Trash Beautiful" which was coined and promoted by Erik "Everlast" Schrody (also House of Pain lead man) on his 2004 solo album of the same name. Maybe Everlast can make up a "Lame Jovi" brand for the crowd that still thinks mullets and lame music are cool.

I think it is a great collaboration and I am really proud of Richie and Nikki for designing clothes that are sexy and affordable. Ava was adorable on the runway! Way to go Heather and Richie!

I love this line and want the zipper dress.. where can I buy it?

I love the collection... I am in need of the chiffon multi colored dress.
It has those bell sleeves and it looks like a satin sash on the arm. I need it! Where can I find this collection? I love this collection.. Richie and Nikki you have done a great job! Ava was adorable as well. Strutting her stuff and supporting her father.. What a gorgeous face!

I know exactly what I want the jacket with the shimmer lines
in silver , also a zipper looking top with a collar..
I need the shiny pants.. The whole dew, sell glasses,
hats, and sex... Nikki in that suit. I'm telling yazz..
I'm a jersey cat myself Rich. Make it happen..
Sum skanky hot blonde in a zipper suit.. I'd buy!

Nikki and Richie are dating- give me a break,... I saw them in Philly
last week making out at a restraunt ... Please... The clothes are amazing
anyway! I want to be them!! I'm jealous. Love the name
it's gunna be a success..

They are dating- why do these Hollywood people
fake it! Just be honest. Stupid! You are a cute couple.
The line is amazing!

I love Nikki and Richie's clothing line. Where can I find it?

Heel.. Luvy sum cool clothes for the winter.. When will I get to crusie in style of these 2 crazy genius designers? I love this line and keep seeing it everywhere.. but, I can't have it yet! I can't go for that.. No can do.. I want to know when it will hit stores..>>><<< I cannot wait to get some WTB in my closet and on my skin.. Are their shoes as well? How can I some time soon walk up and down Main street in these raging rags? I just can't wait! I'll do anything for Nikki and Richie.. I wanna work with WTB as well. Go to XZ ..I'd wash in your sweat!! Bathe in your tears!! Love u guys! I am obsessed with the new look.. Come on! Someone tell me.. pppppRETTY ppppRETTY ppppREEEASE..From the East coast mafia of love... Peace out locos.


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