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Diesel wants you to smell like 'Iron Man 2' [Updated]

Holy heroic tie-ins! It was just a few months ago we were mentioning that the men's fragrance market was moving in a more manlier direction. Now, word comes to us from a secret underground lair (well, OK, from a PR firm) that Diesel is trying to tractor-beam the comic-book crowd to the cologne counter by giving its clench-fisted Only the Brave bottle a major makeover.

In advance of "Iron Man 2" hitting theaters on May 7 (which stars Robert Downey Jr., reprising his role as Tony Stark, and Mickey Rourke as Whiplash),  the clear, flacon-gripping hand has been rendered in the same red and glossy gold shades of  billionaire industrialist playboy Tony Stark's trademark exo-skeleton for a limited-edition production run that will be packaged in boxes bearing reprints from the Marvel hero's early comic book appearances (from the look of it, we're going to guess it's not the very first one -- Tales of Suspense #39 from March 1963 -- which had our hero canned in a dull armor-gray number).

Regardless, Diesel's hoping you'll splash a little of this beneath your breastplate before donning your armor (or climbing into your office cubicle, whatever the case may be) in celebration of  "the season's most daring, fearless, courageous hero." 

And, with any luck, the scent (which remains unchanged),  with its "top notes of lemon blossom, mandarin and coriander leaves, a heart of labdanum, black rose and lavender, and a dry down of amber, tolu wood and ebony wood" will find olfactory favor with Pepper Potts over in accounting.

The 2.5-ounce eau de toilette in the limited-edition packaging is expected to retail for $67.50 and is scheduled to hit retail in mid-April, and be available at major department stores (including Macy's and Dillard's) as well as at Diesel boutiques, and online.

We can't help but marvel at some of the other merchandising possibilities that might be lurking out there between the world of comic book heroes and a fragrance industry increasingly reliant on celebrity tie-ins and endorsements.

Take Bruce Banner's green-skinned Hulk alter-ego for example -- he definitely seems like a Brut man to me.

-- Adam Tschorn

Photo: In advance of the May 7 release of "Iron Man 2," Diesel is releasing a limited-edition bottle of its Only the Brave men's fragrance, in the same red and gold color scheme as Iron Man's armor, and packaged in a box bearing early comic strip appearances of the Marvel hero. Credit: Diesel.

[Updated March 26 at 10:30 a.m.: Citing legal reasons, Diesel provided All the Rage with a new photo, above, featuring revamped packaging that refers to the Iron Man character but omits mention of the film title "Iron Man 2."]


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Thats hilarious. Funny thing though, that box art doesn't actually have Iron Man on it. It has someone called Iron Patriot who isn't Tony Stark. Sure hope they fix that or geeks everywhere will smell the way they normally do. :)

Haha, it IS Iron Patriot! HAHAHA, nice try, Diesel!

Only One word to characterize such a great post “WOW” that was a very interesting read

Sure hope they fix that or geeks everywhere will smell the way they normally do.


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