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Super Bowl XLIV champ Reggie Bush's 'Help Haiti' shoe

New Orleans Saints' Reggie Bush customized an Adidas' adiZero Ace 2 running shoe for Haiti that shows off the colors of the Haitian flag with “Help Haiti” inscribed on the heel.

The men's and women's shoe sells for $105 online through Thursday with 10% of the price of each pair sold going to Haitian relief effort Mercy Corps. Bush also designed a companion pair featuring the Saint's black and gold with the "Help Haiti" inscription.

"Partnering with Adidas and Mercy Corps to design this shoe is just one way to raise awareness, raise money and do my part to help the people of Haiti," Bush said.

-- Max Padilla

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Photo: Reggie Bush Help Haiti shoe, $105 at Photo credit: Adidas.

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Way to market a tragedy Adidas. 10% seems like a pretty good marketing budget. Why not give all the profit to Haiti, that would really "Help Haiti".


I agree - if Adidas and Bush are geniune why not donate all the proceeds (less the cost of the product) to Haiti - oh - I forgot, this is the same lad who was hustling the NCAA and USC - this is as bad as the corruption Haitians have endured for all these years - Maybe i'm just on a negative bent????

It seems like a cool shoe, but most people are probably buying this shoe assuming that most of the money is going to haiti.....not that addidas is pocketing 90% of it for themselves.

change color because its blue & red make it saints color

he needs to change to nike

Why only adult shoes. Kids would want these. Don't understand why Nike and Reebok put out wonderful shoes for adults, when the kids want them, but you have to constantly say "sorry" adult sizes only. It sucks!

If Reggie Bush REALLY wanted to raise money for Haiti, he should have millions photo copies of Kim Kardashian's nude rear end made and sold for $50 a pop!LOL. Now that would make enough money to make Haiti a WORLD POWER for centuries to come!LOL!

Agreed with the above comments. Ten percent is a bit stingy for such a corporate company, isn't it?

Though, I suppose anything helps right now.

Read the article. 10% of the PRICE, not profit. At least complain about the right thing.

Nice shoes bush big fan of yours.


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