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They'll do it Norway: Loud pants earn Facebook fan page shout-out

Rage_pants3 Apparently the distinctive red-white-and-blue, argyle-patterned trou that have garnered a whole lot of attention (including mine) as part of the uniform of the Norwegian men's curling team have proved pretty popular off the ice as well.

"Daily web hits have been up 10X and daily sales [of the Dixie-A style] have been up 3X," said Larry Jackson, CEO of Northern California company Loudmouth Golf. "It's been a dramatic increase and we're scrambling to meet demand for the pants." (Currently, the company's e-commerce site says that "due to OIympic interest," it is now only taking back-order requests via e-mail).

The pants also seemed to have spawned their own fan club: The Norwegian Olympic Curling Team's Pants on Facebook, which, as of this writing, boasts 366,022 fans. (By comparison, a fan page dedicated to the team's trousers from the 2002 Salt Lake City games has 14 fans, and Is not a fan [sic] The Norwegian Olympic Curling Team's Pants has just one.)

The brightly patterned pants don't seem to have distracted the Norwegians one bit, the team is currently second in the standings (two games behind host country Canada) and have qualified for the semifinals.

The pants -- and their Scandinavian host organisms -- will be back on the ice with flair to spare Tuesday afternoon when the Norwegians face off against Britain. 

Loudmouth Golf's Jackson told me that the team has purchased a pair to present to Norway's King Harald V, who has been in attendance at the Vancouver Games.

Whether the king receives them in time to offer his royal sartorial support Tuesday, or dons them for the semifinals on Thursday, remains to be seen.

"I've read interviews that said he supports the team and likes the pants," Jackson said. "I just hope they're the right size and that he likes them and everything."

We do too, because it will inevitably permit all kinds of "king of diamonds" photo captions.

-- Adam Tschorn

Photo: Members of the Norwegian men's Olympic curling team, clad in their brightly patterned pants during a Feb. 14 practice session at the Vancouver Olympic Games. Credit: Dan Levine / EPA

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They're not argyle pattern, they are harlequin pattern.

Thanks for your comment. While the definitions of "argyle plaid" and "harlequin check" can be confusing, and admittedly the photos accompanying the post don't show the trousers in enough detail, rest assured they are an argyle pattern.

For a closer look, just go to Loudmouth's site and click on the "Dixie-A" style to see a detailed shot. There you'll see the design includes a larger diamond pattern of light lines superimposed over the solid diamonds. This is a hallmark of argyle (though since it is not woven into the cloth it technically isn't a "plaid" but a print).

A harlequin check, as defined by "The Fairchild Dictionary of Fashion," is: "[a] check made of medium-sized, diamond-shaped colored motifs alternating with white."

But no need to take my word for it; just to be sure, I fired off an e-mail to company CEO Larry Jackson who confirmed the pattern as argyle.

I will admit that they make the wearers look a bit harlequin-like, though.


Adam, thanks for the clarification. I concede that my comment was based on the photo here, in which the superimposed lines that define argyle are not apparent.


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