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Dockers' Super Bowl Sunday ad wants to know who wears the pants

February 3, 2010 |  1:55 pm

Dockers joins Bud Light and Doritos in the Super Bowl XLIV blitz with a 30-sec spot called “Men Without Pants” debuting on Sunday (watch a teaser above).

In the commercial, a troop of pant-less regular guys -- more Joe Six-Pack than six-pack abs -- march -6through a field singing “I Wear No Pants," written by L.A. band the Poxy Boggards. After subjecting viewers to half a minute of tighty-whiteys, a voice-over urges game watchers that "it’s time to wear the pants.”

Through its "Wear the Pants" campaign launched in December, Dockers aims to woo back its weekend warrior base by reminding customers that khakis are still a go-to wardrobe staple because they pair with just about everything.

And the 20-year brand wants younger men to stop associating khakis with office cubicles and baggy bottoms in favor of new slimmer-fit styles such as K-1 officer pants, D3 Classic Fit, streamlined cargo pants and cut-off shorts all priced affordably at $30 to $50.  

Following the commercial, viewers can enter a contest online  through Feb. 15 to win one of thousands of pairs of khakis. If you have the music program Shazam downloaded on your iPhone, BlackBerry, etc., you can also tag the spot to enter to win a pair.

-- Max Padilla

Video credit: Dockers